Guest blogger: Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom

When I was at the sewing workshop at Whipstitch the other week, I met a wonderful gal named Tiffany.

She and I hit it off instantly and had a great time visiting throughout the day.  Tiffany has been blogging for a year now… her blog anniversary is this week, in fact!  Simply Modern Mom is a great resource for today’s mom.  She does a great job describing what it’s all about, so I’ll let her do that in her intro!  Tiffany has been gracious enough to visit the Southern Institute today and is bringing a great project with her!  I’ll let her have the floor…

I’m Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom and I am so glad to be on SIDAC today. Jenny and I met three weeks ago at the Whipstitch gathering with Dana from Made. We had so much fun together that we vowed to keep in touch. Isn’t she wonderful? Anyway, my site, Simply Modern Mom is dedicated to simplifying the lives of modern moms all the while sharing with you tutorials and crafts I have made. I do a little bit of everything – share photo tutorials, make lists about anything and everything, give tips for parenting and the home and share fun products and websites that I know you will love. I hope you hop on over and visit me a bit at Simply Modern Mom!

We recently received some packages in the mail and had boxes around the house. Just as I was about to toss them, my girls decided to build forts out of them. Then Elle, my youngest, sat herself in the little box. I couldn’t believe she fit so perfectly in the box. I pushed her around in it and she yelled, “Vroom!” We got a little more creative and made box cars out of them.

This is a fun activity that the kids can get involved in making. And boys will love this too! See, I don’t only do girl stuff on here. We made this within minutes but it’s something the children can come back to and draw on as they so desire. It didn’t take long because the girls colored while I cut.

If you are looking for boxes, hang out at Wal-Mart or other grocery stores late at night when they are stocking the shelves. Then ask for the empty boxes. Moving boxes will work too.

The girls love to drive around in their box cars. That also means I’m the one who is pushing them. Great way to get exercise around the house, no? The boxes glide wonderfully on carpet, tile and hardwood floors. If you push hard enough, it’ll go over rugs too.

  • rectangular cardboard boxes
  • paper plates
  • clear packaging tape
  • crayons or markers
  • large sharp scissors (do not allow children to use)
  • knife (do not allow children to use)
  • fabric tape or other decorative tapes for decoration

I love it!  You’ve got me wanting to get out looking for boxes.  Something so simple, but kids love it!  
Thanks so much for sharing this project, Tiffany!  Make sure to visit Tiffany’s blog and follow along, it does not disappoint!


  1. Lori Danelle says:

    Yay for new friends!! Can’t get enough to those!

    And isn’t it great how kids are seemingly drawn to boxes?? Forget the expensive, excessively planned gift inside: I just want to play in the box!!!! Good reminder to us adult types to view the world with a little bit of imagination!

  2. Momma Such says:

    My boys LOVE making forts and other sorts of things out of the boxes that we receive.

  3. What a FUN project!! I love this idea…what kid could possibly resist?


  4. house 09 says:

    how creative and fun! what a nice new blog!

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