Meals Kids Love: Caroline Urdanata from Salsa Pie

Let’s end the week with another Meals Kids Love post, shall we?

Caroline Urdanata, from Salsa Pie, is one busy lady!  With four little ones, I’m not sure how she has the time to do anything, and yet she somehow finds the time to take loving care of her family, be creative, blog, and come up with this delicious meal!  How does she do it?  I think she might be related to Super Woman in some way.  If you haven’t been acquainted with Caroline and her blog 1) rush on over there and meet her and, 2) believe me when I say that she is one of the sweetest bloggers out there!  Let’s see what she has for us today!

Rethinking Lasagna:

Making Salmon, Feta and Spinach Lasagna Rolls
 I often feel a little cooking-challenged.
 After a full day of being a mother to 4 young children, I have the tendency to “run out of steam” in the kitchen. One trick that works for me is having a “Cooking Day” or two a week where I prepare the bulk of the food for our meals on those days.
One of my goals is to focus on meals that are easy to assemble and that refrigerate well. Of all the foods that work well reheated, Italian foods, especially pasta dishes seem to work the best. 
Another hurdle? 
Preparing meals that are healthy for the entire family. The children are growing and need certain nutrients; the parents are trying to be health conscious. Trying to find the balance can be tricky. 
Lasagna is not normally a food high on the healthy list, but with this version, we’re thinking outside the box.  This recipe is one that uses much less cheese, substituting feta for ricotta and mozzarella and then pumps up the protein with the addition of salmon. 
If you aren’t  crazy about that combination (my kids happen to love fish and feta so it works for us) you can always make these rolls using the traditional lasagna ingredients. 
Salmon (smoked, baked or canned)
Spinach (cooked or frozen and chopped)
Lasagna Noodles
For the sauce:
Marinara Sauce
Whole Wheat Flour (about 4 Tbs)
Milk (skim or reduced fat)
(You can use just plain Marinara but by adding flour to milk with margarine I am making my own winged version of  besciamella sauce)
Boil your noodles. Once tender, turn off heat and remove. I leave my noodles in the water and retrieve each noodle as I work. On a plate, arrange cooked chopped spinach, chopped salmon, and feta. 
Heat milk on med to med-high heat and add butter or margarine and melt. Wisk in whole wheat flour until thickened and add Marinara sauce until pinkish in color. I used about 3 cups of milk, 1/2 cup Marinara, 4 Tablespoons of flour, and about 3 tablespoons of Margarine. 
Arrange feta, salmon and spinach on a plate. 
Find a flat work surface to lay out your lasgana noodles (such as a cutting board or clean counter) and lay them flat. Pat dry. Cut in half horizontally (one noodle should make 2 rolls). Add layer of sauce, then layer of feta, then layer of salmon then layer of spinach, then finally another layer of sauce. Roll up the lasagna noodle. Place seam side down in deep , lightly oiled pan. Repeat until you achieve desired amount then layer with a topping of sauce. Bake uncovered at 350 for approximately 30 minutes. 
Serve and enjoy. These refrigerate and well and work nicely as leftovers!
Survey Says? 

Now, that’s Amore!

What more can I say? 
Go, cook, eat, and enjoy!

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