The Tooth Fairy Experience with Marigold at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

I first was introduced to Marigold and her awesome blog, Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! earlier this year when she was a guest at Celebrate the Boy.  I immediately loved what she had made!  Cutest little tote bag ever!  

Tutorial found here.

Naturally, I invited Marigold to visit us here at The Southern Institute, and she graciously accepted the invitation.  What she is sharing today is just one example of her ability to make life just a little bit extraordinary!  Take it away, Marigold!  

Hello Southern Institute readers! I’m Marigold and I come from a little blog on the other side of the Internet called Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! Like many of you reading this, I’m a crafty mama who holds onto sanity by spending my precious free time knee-deep in glitter, glue, fabric and craft paint. My oldest son, Huck, just passed the amazing milestone of loosing his first teeth! Visits from the Tooth Fairy are some of my favorite childhood memories, so I wanted Huck’s first Tooth Fairy experience to be super special. Today I’m going to share with you a few fun ideas and a pattern for making a Tooth Fairy envelope.

As soon as we discovered the loose teeth, I jumped onto Etsy and Pinterest to gather some ideas for the Tooth Fairy Experience. Have you ever heard of a Magic Tooth Fairy Door? I hadn’t either, but once I did, we had to have one! A Magic Tooth Fairy Door is a little door that the Tooth Fairy sends to your child. It can go anywhere in his or her bedroom wall, and the night that that first tooth comes out, the Tooth Fairy can easily enter your child’s room through the door directly from Fairy Land.

I wrapped the door in simple brown paper and tied with dental floss 
and added a sprinkle of fine glitter/fairy dust.

The Magic Door mysteriously arrives on your doorstep before the tooth comes out.  Ours was covered in Fairy Dust (fine glitter) and had a note attached from the Tooth Fairy to Huck telling him how excited she was about his loose teeth and that he should hang the Magic Door on his bedroom wall so that she could bring him a special surprise when his teeth came out.

My local craft store didn’t have an actual door that I could paint up, so I improvised 
with a wooden plaque that had a rounded top and a wooden doll head for the door handle.
I painted it up with with craft paint and topped it all off with a coat of fine glitter.
I had some clear acrylic spray, so I sprayed that over the glitter, as well, to keep it from making a huge sparkly mess!

Now we needed a place to keep the teeth safe under Huck’s pillow. There a so many amazing tooth-holders out there! We decided on a simple felt envelope. I cut out the envelope and hand-embroidered the lettering and hand-stitched it together.

 I drew up a one-page pattern and directions for you that you can download as a gif or pdf file.

When the teeth came out, we cleaned them up and popped them in the envelope along with a little drawing by Huck.We put the envelope under his pillow and the next day he had five dollars for each tooth and a Spiderman spinning toothbrush (which was way too much, as it turns out)! We know that the money is legit Tooth Fairy currency because each of the bills had a tooth-shaped fairy dust imprint on it.

To make the tooth-shaped dust, just paint some thin white glue in the 
shape of a tooth onto your bill and sprinkle over with super fine glitter.

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for your next Tooth Fairy visit! And in case that wasn’t enough, I’ve gathered up some other ideas and handmade products in a Tooth Fairy Round-up on Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! Come on over and check it out.

Thank you so much for being our guest today!!  I’m looking forward to returning the favor this fall!


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