Tutorial: Giving Thanks Wreath.

This could quite possibly be the easiest tutorial ever.  I love a pretty wreath, but rarely actually get around to making one for the house.  That’s all going to change this holiday season, and I’ve finished the first one!  I call this the Giving Thanks Wreath and it couldn’t be simpler to make.


Stick the end of the sprigs through the grapevine where ever you like:

I had some cards left over from making my own business cards.  We used those to write words or pictures of what we are thankful for!  That’s Levi’s card… I think he’s thankful for aliens, he said?  I left a stack of cards and a pen next to the wreath.  Anytime we think of something we are thankful for we can write it down and stick it on the wreath.  By Thanksgiving this baby should be full!

Add a pretty bow and you’re done!

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