What Is Your Word for 2012?


I’ve been thinking about things and I’ve been listening to what God has been whispering to me.  2011 was a year of learning to rest, learning to be easier on myself.  It will always be something that I have to remind myself to do.  It’s just so easy to feel like you have to do it all, and it’s so easy to be hard on yourself.

This year is different.  I’ve been acutely feeling the call to die to myself.  Those of us who had made God the Lord of our lives are called to do this.  We are called to humble ourselves and to put others first.  Not in a “doormat” sort of way, but rather in an “others-centered” sort of way.  I’m being shown how selfish I am.  People who know me might say that this is ridiculous, but I know myself and I know my thoughts.  I am selfish.  I put myself first in my mind, in many situations, but the time has come to put that away.  This year will bring with it decisions to be made that concern my family and my children.  It may mean making decisions that cause discomfort for me.  I have made the decision to lower myself and put others first, even if that means giving up a bit of what I want.  I may already do this often, in action, but  not always in my heart, and therein lies the difference.  This year my word is…

If I am to love with all that I am then I must sacrifice.

What about you?  Have you chosen a word for 2012?  Just one word that you will make a part of you this year?  Will you share it in a post and link it up here?

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