Tutorial: Beadboard Sign from Kaysi at Keeping It Simple.

You all know that Thursday is on of my favorite days around here because I get the honor of sharing this space with all sorts of talented bloggers.  This week is no exception.  Today Kaysi from Keeping It Simple is joining us.  I got to know Kaysi a little bit through the Creative Me link up that I host here every week.  She always has a great project to link up and links up often.  Kaysi is a stay at home mom to three little boys and one little girl, so you know she is a busy mama!  How she has the time to create the things that she does I do not know, but she is great at it, and I’m so happy to have her here today to share a fun tutorial with you!
Hi!!  I’m Kaysi from Keeping it Simple.
I’m so excited to be here today!!  Let me know introduce myself a little bit.  I love to do very simple and easy crafts, crafts that anyone can do!  I especially love to refashion my clothes or make home decor for my house.  Another thing about me, I do not enjoy cleaning.  I am not very good at cleaning.  I don’t keep up with it and therefore my house is always a mess.  I really struggle with picking up toys in the day because I know within an hour, they are going to be on the floor again.  I feel like my when my kids get home from school it’s like a tornado hits my house!  Legos are everywhere, wrappers from snacks are on the floor, someone dumps out everything.  I’m sure you can relate, right?  Well I heard this saying a long time ago and I wanted to make a sign that says it because it really just cracks me up.  
This is how I made it: 
1) I took some bead board and painted it red.  My friend found this bead board in her basement and she gave it to me, she’s awesome like that!
2) With my finger I put white paint in the grooves and edges.  
3) Then I sanded the whole thing 
4) For the inside I used foam board.  Mostly because that’s what I had on hand.
5) I painted it brown.
6) Then I glued the foam board onto the bead board.  
7) With my CAMEO I cut out the saying.  I just used a 12×12 sheet of white Expressions Vinyl so it would be all lined up for me.  Then I put it onto the foam board.  
Now I have it’s up on my wall, so people understand why my house is dirty :)

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kaysi!  This saying just cracked me up… and made me feel a little bit better about my messy house.  Let’s not kid ourselves, we creative types make messes, we just shove them aside for the photos, am I right?

Don’t forget to link your projects up at Creative Me every week!  The party opens at 9 on Sunday nights and closes at midnight on Fridays.  Each week I randomly choose a blogger to feature and you never know when it might be you!


  1. Kellie says:

    so great! the bead board is awesome and that saying is so so true!

  2. 2busy says:

    Great saying and cute sign

  3. Caroline says:

    I felt like I was shoveling snow while it was still snowing today! Or knitting a sweater as it unravels on the other end at the same rate! ;) This is perfect!

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