Tutorial: Long Sleeves to Tank Top

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This is the time of year when we are facing hot days, and there’s no turning back.  My kids grow like weeds, as most children do.  Recently I went through their dresser drawers and did the whole transition from winter to spring wardrobe-thingy.  The thing was, I hated to pack away a few of the long sleeved shirts that they have been wearing.  I know that they will not be worn by my children in the next winter season, not at the rate that they are growing, but why not keep wearing them through the summer?  Might as well make them useful, right?  Well, you can, and it’s as easy as cutting off the long sleeves.

All you need is a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine.

Step One: Turn the shirt inside out and cut off the sleeve, cutting on the outside of the seam.
Step Two: Turn the outside edge in towards the inside of the shirt.  Making the original seam the edge of the sleeve.
Step Three: Pin and sew around the sleeve using a stretch needle in your machine. (These can be found at your local sewing superstore and are used just like a standard needle.)  Sew about 1/4 of an inch from the outside edge.
Step Four: Run another line of stitches between the first line the the edge of the sleeve to finish it off.

There you go!  Two shirts for the price of one.  Now go rummage through those winter clothes and see what you can use!  Have fun!


  1. feelincrafty says:

    too funny! This morning as I was putting away the laundry, I thougth to myself, I should change some of these long sleeve shirts to short sleeve shirts! Well, once it gets warm here again….

  2. Kellie says:

    What a great idea!! I can’t do it for my older son because I’ll need them for the younger, but I’m definitely going to do this for some of my younger sons’ shirts!!

  3. Caroline says:

    Jenny I love this!! Great tutorial and great idea!


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