Little Lovelies Pinned It, Did It: Easy Tank Dress

Awhile back I did a tutorial for the Easy Tank Dress.  I love this project because it is easy and something that you see on women and girls all of the time during the warmer months.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say “I made one of those for myself!”  There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing something in a store and knowing that you have one in your closet that you made yourself… and it looks just as great!Allison from Little Lovelies has a series called “Pinned It, Did It” and guess what she made?  Here’s the final picture.  She looks adorable!


I love it!  You can see more of Allison’s projects on her blog.  She is super creative and her blog is fun to read, so go on over and say “Hello!”

Did you know that there is a Southern Institute Flickr Group?  If you’ve made the Easy Tank Dress, or anything else from The Southern Institute tutorials page, won’t you post it for everyone to see?  I’d love to see that group grow!

Have a great day everyone!

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