Tutorial: Washi Tape Thank You Cards.

I love washi tape!

Washi tape is so versatile!  You saw Linda, from Craftaholics Anonymous, create adorable gift tags with washi tape.  Today I’ll show you how to make pretty custom thank you cards.

What You’ll Need:

  • blank card
  • exacto knife
  • washi tape in different colors and designs
  • self healing mat
  • stamp and stamp pad


First lay your blank note card flat on your self healing mat with the outside of the card facing up.  Start laying strips of washi tape horizontally.

Make sure to lay the pieces of tape as straight as you can, leaving space for your “thank you.”  I used a rubber stamp and red ink on this card.

Press all of the tape edges firmly to your mat.  Use your exacto knife to cut along the edge of the card as closely as you can without cutting the card itself.

That’s it… you’re done!  You have a beautiful handmade thank you card and it only took a few short minutes!

What have you used washi tape for?

Where is your favorite place to buy it?


  1. kellie says:

    ok, that is super super cute!!! what a great idea! i have some washi tape i bought for a project that i can’t remember now. lol. i need to check my pinterest boards. i’m definitely going to add this to my list because i have some long overdue thank you notes that need to go out.

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      Honestly, they take about 5 minutes too! The perfect project! Add a photo to the flickr group when you have them done!

  2. kellie says:

    oh, and i bought my washi tape on etsy. soooo many choices!!!

  3. joolee r says:

    cute card idea! i’ve been using washi tape in my kids’ scrapbooks. i’m not a “cutesy” scrapbooker, i just need a place to keep cards and things from grandparents and great-grandparents. well i ran out of double-sided photo squares the other day and just decided to cut squares and different lengths out of washi tape for corners or borders. turned out cute and SUPER colorful! made things go much quicker too. where has washi tape been all my life??!! :)

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      That’s a great idea! I’m not a cutesy scrapbooker either. I do all of mine online with photobooks, once a year, and I love it. But I know, there are soooo many cute designs in washi tape! I have to find more ways to use it! Have a great day, friend!


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