DIY Umbrella Stand Tutorial from Brooke at Spruce Your Nest.

Welcome, everyone!  We have a guest… it’s the lovely Brooke, from Spruce Your Nest. Brooke is a member of our little creative community here.  She is super sweet and super cute (seriously-look at her profile pic! Is she not gorgeous?) I’ve invited her to share a project with you today… please welcome Brooke!

Hi everyone! I’m Brooke from Spruce Your Nest, where I share my trash to treasure makeovers, DIY projects on a budget and little bits of other things along the way…

I am so honored to be guest posting at The Southern Institute today! I just adore Jenny’s blog!

I love to spend time outside so I thought I would share a simple DIY outdoor project.  We recently just completed our backyard you can read more about that here and I have been on a mission to get it all spruced up with flowers and other odds and ends.  I really have a thing for outdoor umbrellas, but I wanted to do something a little different.  I knew exactly what I wanted…

DIY Umbrella Stand

I have been so frustrated with umbrella stands in the past.  They always seem to lose their ability to hold the umbrella firm after a period of time and a good one costs a pretty penny.

I have to give my husband credit on this job because my plan was to stick an old umbrella stand inside the wine barrel, install the umbrella, and then add the soil and flowers.  There is a real obvious downside to my way, if I ever wanted to change umbrellas I would have to empty all the soil and flowers included :(  My dear husband had a much better solution for me, I will take you through the process step by step…

These are all the tools you will need for your DIY Umbrella Stand (besides your pot and umbrella of course): 

 2″ IMC pipe (threaded)

DIY Umbrella Stand

Screw the hub onto your pipe and screw it down into the center of the barrel.

DIY Umbrella Stand

Next we installed some screws into the side of the pipe so that the umbrella would fit in tightly.

Basically the same concept as a Christmas tree stand…

DIY Umbrella Stand

Stick your umbrella in and tighten the screws and you have a beautiful & secure umbrella stand!


You’ll be able to see your pipe for a little while, while it is new, but just wait till your flowers grow to be more mature, like this, and you’ll be golden!

Thanks so much for letting me share my DIY Umbrella Stand project with you all today!  I hope you’ll stop by and visit me over at Spruce Your Nest some time :-)

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  1. Amy Renea says:

    Smart! I love (and hate) when my husband makes a crazy idea of mine more functional :)

  2. Thanks so much for letting me be a guest blogger today Jenny! And YES, Amy, I really hate my my husband’s right ;-)

  3. Geri Johnson says:

    That’s a great idea! Pretty & functional! You could even add wheels to the bottom so you could move it around.

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      That’s an awesome idea!

  4. Melisa says:

    My husband and I have been looking for an alternitive to the “umbrella stand” and I think I’ve found it!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I wonder if you can install casters on the bottom of the planter so that it can be moved around the patio… or maybe a rolling plant stand that can hold the weight.

    • Melisa says:

      Opps, just saw that Geri had suggested the same thing. :D

  5. Definitely something the hubs can do! Thank you for the awesome idea.

    • Nancy says:

      You could spray paint the wine barrel or paint the strapping to give it even more color.

  6. Janeane says:

    I guess you could use artificial greenery to eliminate the “wait time”…. I am into ‘instant gratification’ in my craft and gardening projects. :) They could also be changed-out at will.

  7. judy norris says:

    won’t the wood barrel rot ? I might rather use a big plastic pot instead and drill watering holes in the bottom. I have a really plastic container I got at Lowe’s this past weekend with rope handles on it and I may just use it. we need some shade on our patio arbor even with the top of the arbor, still the afternoon sun gets in my eyes.

  8. Don’t throw away your umbrella if it rips. I put chicken wire on mine and planted wisteria in the pot. After it trailed up and took over the umbrella I easily keep the edges trimmed. It is beautiful and works for many climbing plant”s.

  9. Jen says:

    AWESONE idea!! How did you get the holes in the pipe for the screws that hold the umbrella in place?

  10. PJ says:

    Hi Brooke! I just wanted to thank you for your excellent idea, kudos to your husband too! I found a plastic whiskey barrel at Costco a few days ago. 26″ wide for $17ish. ($10 for enough organic miracle grow potting soil to fill it, but I’m going to use pebbles and sand on the bottom hand to make mine very heavy/sturdy) I tried to order the galvanized pipe online at Home Depot along with bathroom remodel parts, but they only had 8 feet for $50ish. My dad told me I can get a 2 foot piece cut and threaded by their threading machine at Home Depot, so thought your readers might like to know this. Also, someone asked about wheels. I found small, locking wheels at Home Depot. I’m going to try 4 of them, with nuts & bolts to secure them well because the pot is plastic. I’ll let you know how it all turns out when finished. I’m trying to battle coastal winds that whip up, where my 50 pound wrought iron umbrella stand wouldn’t stand up. I’ll let you know how everything turns out and stands up to winds with an 8 ft umbrella. Thanks again for a fabulous idea and for the step by step instructions! PJ

    • This is Jenny…on behalf of Brooke I wanted to thank you for your comment and your helpful input! I’m sure it will be of use to other readers who are wanting to do this project too. Thanks for taking the time to share the info. :) And thank you for visiting The Southern Institute!

      • Kaitlin says:

        Do you remember where you got the 2in IMC pipe? We are attempting a similar project but my husband was only able to find a 1 1/2 inch pipe at Lowes. I have checked on Amazon too but have not had much luck. Thanks!

        • Hi Kaitlin, you’ll have to contact Brooke at her blog to find out if she can remember that. There’s a link to her blog in the post. :) Good luck with your project!

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