Make It Work: Vintage Rock Collection Before and After.

If someone asked me to describe the home decor style of our tiny home, I would have to say that it’s, well…very… eclectic. 

In other words, just about anything goes: antique, modern, mid century, yard sale. But some how, it all (sort of) works.

See the mix and match of things  in my home here:

And here:



It’s kind of a crazy style but it’s all our own and somehow we’ve managed to incorporate family things along with kindergarden art projects! The trick? I just kind of go with whatever we have.Here’s something neat: I once read that if you really love something, it will work in your home. But I’ve also found that a little make-over will make it work too. And it’s easier than you would think to give something a face-lift.

For example, if you are attracted to more modern things but your great aunt Matilda gives you a gorgeous family rocking chair that’s covered in an old-fashioned fabric–think about covering the chair in a really modern graphic fabric (like stripes, dots or chevron) as a contrast. You’ll be amazed how this will make the chair “work”. Or that bench you saw at the yard sale (you know, the one your husband rolled his eyes over when he saw you saw it?) how about a fun, bright colored paint job? What about hot pink? Go wild and love it, and that fun will show! Another trick? Accessorize in your home with modern elements to make something vintage, for example, look stylish and up-to-date.

I did just this with a Vintage Rock Collection from the 1970′s that my father gave my daughter. Not yet ready to put it in her bedroom (I was a little nervous with the glass) we decided to display her new collection in the living room.

What did we do? We painted the frame, removed some older tacks on the inside to spruce it up a little then we hung it. We also visually “anchored” it with some modern vases on the table below which made it look less 1970′s science project and more (hopefully) Domino magazine inspired home decor.

The result was a spruced-up rock collection that has been handed down generations and now will be enjoyed by all of them.


  1. Maggie may says:

    I love the new frame for the collection, it suddenly looks so modern!

  2. Leslie says:

    I HAD THAT ROCK COLLECTION!!! What a cool idea. I would love to see your house. I am in a very strange place decorating wise as everything in my house from furniture to linens to decorative elements was donated to us when our house burned down. It’s eclectic to say the least, and I didn’t pick any of it out.

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