The Top Five Halloween Costumes for 2012.

If you are looking for something for you or your child to wear for Halloween 2012, and you just aren’t up for making your own costumes this year, then here are some Halloween costumes that will be hot in the stores. The typical superheroes and princesses will be seen walking the streets, but what are the top five costumes for 2012?

Snow White

Snow White is sure to be a hit for women and girls after the release of the new movie starring Kristen Stewart (and the other new movie starring Julia Roberts). The costume includes the black hair and signature Disney dress. A fake blue bird, a shiny red apple, or an old fashioned broom would be great props to add to the outfit.


Because of AMC’s hit, the Walking Dead (am I the only person who hasn’t seen this?), zombies have really made a comeback in 2012. And who wouldn’t want to walk around pretending to be risen from the grave? Grab a costume that looks like it’s from Night of the Living Dead and watch the faces of the people on the streets. Make sure to get the makeup right though, or the costume won’t have the same effect.


The final pages of the Mayan calendar and the end-is-nigh predictions that come with them bring out the speculative side in all of us. Alien costumes will be a huge hit this year with all the talk about the world ending in 2012. A black cloak and green head are suitable for the costume, but those who want to go above and beyond can add flair by wearing glow sticks and paint.

Movie Monsters

With the growing popularity of horror movie remakes, there will probably be several creepy monsters walking around.  The vintage Halloween movie (remember Michael Myers?) is being made in 3D this year, so the costume will probably be reappearing on the young (who will be experiencing the movie for the first time) and the old (who get to re-experience all the gore and scares-yuck!).  I can’t believe that’s back in!!  I remember that movie… it scared the heebie-jeebies out of me!

Presidential Candidates

A new election year brings out the political costumes. The faces of Obama and Romney will be seen all over the country in 2012, especially with the election only a week after the Halloween holiday. Older politicians like George Bush are slated to make an appearance as well. The best way to pull these impersonations off is by buying halloween costumes at They carry masks of your favorite (and least favorite) candidates so you can be sure to be his spittin’ image.

Whatever you and your children choose as your Halloween Costumes, be sure to be safe!  Reflective clothing and flashlights are a must, especially if your Halloween costume is dark.  Oh, and don’t eat TOO much candy. :)

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