World Food Day and The GROW Method.

This month I am proud to be partnering with The Mission List once again, and with Oxfam International’s GROW Method campaign!  Last month I was part of a team of bloggers that joined with The Mission List and to raise awareness about the lack of access to clean drinking water in Haiti.  In August, you and I raised $700 for Blood:Water Mission to help the people of Africa gain access to clean water as well.  I’m telling you what- the power of blogs is awesome, and when you can write for good it’s a great feeling.

The GROW Method is one of those things that you are probably already doing on some level.  Here’s the premise behind the GROW Method.  We are producing enough food for every person on this planet, yet people go to bed hungry every night… even in this great country of ours!  Many of them are small scale farmers!  Can you imagine?  GROW Method aims to help fix this broken system by utilizing 5 principals:

I’m kicking off this series today because it’s World Food Day!  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting about each of these principals and how you can incorporate them into your daily life, if you so choose, and why wouldn’t you?  One person, you and I, can make a difference!  It’s true!  Take a look at this slide show (click the up or down buttons to see each slide).

I’m really excited about sharing the things that our family is doing to help.  Each week for the next five weeks, I’ll be sharing about how we have incorporated these principals.  I would LOVE for you to join us by trying out some of the ideas and posting about what you’ve done.

Will you take the challenge with me?

After the five weeks are up, I’ll be hosting a linky party where you can link up your GROW Method posts and we’ll have a little blog party!  This falls on the day after Thanksgiving, so be sure to be thinking about the principles, SAVE FOOD, SEASONAL, LESS, SUPPORT, and COOK SMART as you approach the holidays.  In the meantime, you can check out my GROW Method Pinterest board, full of photos and links to delicious recipes!

The GROW method is about the future of food, but it’s something that we can do today!  Some of it you already do every day… be more intentional about it.  Some of these things are new… give them a try!  We can make the world better by making a few small changes!

 Come back later today…

Tiffany will be sharing a recipe that incorporates one of the principals of the GROW Method.

Can you guess which one?


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