Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale Is Coming Next Week!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with crafts or sewing, but it definitely includes FOOD, as well as so many other things!  

I am honored and humbled to be included in a group of 24 authors who have come together to offer you over 30 real food and healthy living eBooks that you can purchase in one convenient eBook bundle!!!

I know that whether you are single, married, pregnant, feeding a young family or an empty nester, you are all trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  We all want to do what we can to be the best that we can be and raise the healthiest children that we can.  This is the eBook bundle for you!

What Types of Subjects Will These Books Cover?

  • Real Food Meals for the Whole Family
  • Baking, Snacks, and Desserts
  • Homemade “Everything” (Condiments, Pantry Basics, Etc.)
  • Grain Free and Paleo Eating
  • Saving Money on Real Food
  • Skincare and Beauty
  • Homesteading, Gardening, and Preserving
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Pregnancy and Babies

PLUS with each eBook bundle you’ll receive $49 worth of bonuses from well known healthy living companies AND you’ll be entered to win one of three amazing kitchen appliances!!!

Coming this Monday, October 29th at 8 a.m. eastern…
The Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale!
$29 for 34 eBooks that have a retail value of $300!!
Don’t Miss It!

 Click here to visit Healthy Living eBook Bundle.

If you are interested in selling this eBook bundle by posting about it on your blog or sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter or by email, you can earn some extra spending money for the holidays!  As an affiliate for the Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale you will earn 40% commission for each book bundle that you sell!  Do you think you know someone who would love to take advantage of this deal?  Then sign up to be an affiliate today!  What do you have to lose?  Leave me a comment with your email address and I will have the affiliate info sent directly to you.  


  1. Amy says:

    Wow! What a great idea and what a great deal! I’d be happy to promote it on my blog. Count me in!!!

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      Fun! Amy, will you email me at thesoutherninstitute@gmail? I’ll forward it on to the lady who can get you hooked up with the affiliate program. YAY! Make sure to buy yours here on Monday morning! :) (Unless she gives you a free bundle).

  2. Please pass my info on too! I would love to promote this on my site especially since I am a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach!!

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      Done, Lindsay! Thanks!

  3. Paleo Suz says:

    This is a great fit for my site, could you share the affiliate details with me?
    Many thanks!

    • Jenny Yarbrough says:

      Hi Paleo! I sure will! I’ll send your email address to the woman who has the affiliate details and she’ll get you the info… there is still two days left. In the meantime, get your bundle here! :) Thanks so much!

  4. I would love to promote the Healthy Liveing eBook bundle…

    • Thanks for being will to promote the sale! The first sale is over, but it will be back tomorrow for Cyber Monday and Tuesday! Come by the blog tomorrow and buy the bundle, then share about the sale and enter to win a gift card! You don’t have to purchase the bundle to enter the giveaway. Unfortunately this time around there is no affiliate sale. Only authors are selling the bundle this week, but I’d love your help sharing it with your friends. I think you’d love the bundle and the bonuses and you just might win the giveaway too! Thanks!

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