Scary Halloween Photos Tutorial.

Over the weekend the kids and I did a quick project for the Halloween Mantle.  I’m not one of those over the top mantle decorators, as you probably would guess.  My style is pretty simple and uncluttered (if you have been to my house please hold back your snorts about the “uncluttered” part).  So for me, the Halloween mantle consists of a few pumpkins, a banner, and a few scary Halloween photos.

Want to make your own scary halloween photos?

All you need is:

  • a camera
  • a laptop with internet access
  • a printer
  • a black frame.

First take a photo of your child against a blank backdrop.  Ask him or her to make the scariest face that they can think of.  Here’s one of Luke, untouched:

Go to, it’s a free photo editing program that I use for all of my photos and collages.  I love it!

Hit the start editing button and upload your image to the program.  Click on your photo and click “edit”.  Now it’s time to get started with the fun part!

Once your photo is up on your screen, look to the left side bar and choose “crop”.  Crop your photo so that the face is the main focus, then click on “apply”.

Above the photo there is a line of icons: a camera, a magic wand, a face, layered paper, etc.  Click on the wand and a bunch of effects will pop up on the left side bar.  Choose Black and White, then click on “Apply”.  Now your photo is black and white.

Now scroll down the side bar until you get to the artistic effects and click on the first one, Posterize.  The posterize box will open up and you’ll see a “number of colors” option.  Take that down to 2 and click apply.

Next you will go back to those little icons on top and click on the camera, which will take you to basic photo edits.  Click on “Exposure”.  You’ll see “exposure, highlights, shadows, and contrast”.  Take higlights and shadows up to 50.


Save your photo by clicking on the little disk icon and you are good to go!  Pretty cool, huh?

 Stick it in a black frame and display it for all to see!  It’s a fun and creepy way to decorate for Halloween.

Have fun!



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