Coming on Cyber Monday…


As you all are gearing up for the Cyber Monday sales this week I want to remind you that the Healthy Living eBook bundle will be back for two days only this Monday and Tuesday!  34 books (a $300 value) for only $29!

Here are some of the titles that are included in this bundle that I think you might be interested in if you’re wanting to give homemade and handmade gifts this holiday season…

My Buttered Life has tons of recipes for lots of cool things like scented lotion bars, body mousses and flavored lip balms.

The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skin Care will show you how to make different kinds of cleansers, lotions, and creams with all natural ingredients and essential oils.  What a lovely gift!

Simple Scrubs to Make and Give is a winner if you’d like to surprise someone with a heavenly sugar or salt scrub like I made last week.

What about Sourdough A to Z?  Do you love to bake and gift fresh artisan bread at holiday time?  This book will walk you through it!

EBook bundles also make the most amazing Christmas gifts!  In addition to getting 34 eBooks all geared toward helping your loved one or friend live their best (can you say New Year’s resolution?) they will get $73 worth of amazing bonuses.  That pretty much makes this a no-brainer because you’re being given a bunch of amazing gifts as a reward for buying the bundle!  This is the best Cyber Monday deal you’re going to find!

When it’s all said and done you will receive $373 worth of books and merchandise for only $29… PLUS I’m throwing in a little giveaway to make it even better (but you’ll have to come back on Cyber Monday to find out what the giveaway is)!

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