Create a Countdown to Christmas Chain!

“How many days until Christmas?”

How many times will you hear that question over the next 25 days?  Far fewer if you make a Countdown to Christmas chain like this one!  This is so simple.  Just get yourself some cute Christmas themed paper, cut it into narrow strips, and link them together into a paper chain.  Make a link for every day that is left until Christmas.  Every day between now and then your child removes a link and every day the chain gets shorter and shorter!  When there are no links left they will know it is Christmas!  Until then, when they ask, “How many days are there until Christmas, Mommy?”, simply direct them to count the links on their Countdown to Christmas Chain and they will have their answer!  This just might save your sanity this holiday season!

P.S. This works for birthdays, vacations, and any special event that you can think of.

You’re welcome. ;)


  1. kellie says:

    My kids love paper chains! Great idea to make it a countdown. My 4 yr old asks the ‘how many days….’ question multiple times a day!


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