GROW Method: Support.

Welcome back to The Southern Institute!  I’m so glad you’re here today for another GROW Method post.  So far we’ve looked at three of the five GROW Method principles (Save Food, Seasonal, and Less), and although they aren’t related to crafts or sewing, they are important to our daily lives.  That’s why it has been on my heart to share them with you.  What started out as a one time paid post has turned into a lifestyle that I’m excited to talk about because all of us can do a little bit to make a difference in the broken food system.

Just as a reminder, even though this country produces enough food to feed the entire population of the world, each day millions of people go to bed hungry, and many of them are the farmers that put food on our tables!  This is mostly because of unfair trade practices.  The fourth principle of the GROW Method is SUPPORT.  Here’s how the GROW Method website describes this principle:

You’ve probably heard of Fair Trade Products before.  The Fair Trade Certified label is best known for its coffee, but it has grown to include so much more!  You can find fair trade clothing, honey, nuts, sugar, tea, wine, and even ice cream with fair trade ingredients!  YUM!

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How does Fair Trade benefit farmers?

Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price.  I’ve learned that a lot of small scale farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit.  Because of this they are vulnerable to people coming in and offering cash for their product at a fraction of it’s value.  Fair trade eliminates this by linking small scale farmers directly with importers.  Farmers earn a better income, get to keep their land, have a sustainable living, and can support their own families!  This is what you are supporting when you buy Fair Trade Certified Products!

What can you do?

Try Fair Trade products!  Look for the Fair Trade Symbol on products.  Visit your local farmers’ market and support small scale farmers in your own backyard!  It’s not as difficult as it once was.


Have you tried any of the GROW Method principles yet?  Maybe two or more?  It’s a great way to become aware of where your food comes from and what you are putting into your body!  It’s also a great teaching opportunity for your children.  It’s fun to see them realize that food does not magically appear in the produce bins at the grocery store!

Right after Thanksgiving I’ll be hosting a GROW Method link up here at The Southern Institute.  Here’s my challenge to you:

  • Pick one GROW Method Principle and try it by Thanksgiving.  
  • Post about it and then come link up with me here!
Next week I’ll be sharing about the last principle (right before Thanksgiving) and it’s a super easy one that you can try out on Thanksgiving day as you cook!  Easy-Peasy, I promise!

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