Make: 5 Minute Tooth Fairy Wings.

Okay. Picture this: your child comes home from school shouting with glee “Mommy! Mommy! I lost my tooth!” But, it’s 4pm and you have less than 4 hours to make supper, do homework, pack lunches, and tuck the kids in bed. What do you do?

Here’s an idea! If you have paper and 5 minutes you can sew a quick tooth fairy garland and string it above your little one’s bed at night! When they awake, not only will have some possible jingle under their pillow but they will also have a set of very awesome and super magical tooth fairy wings! Score!

Here’s how you can make these lovely souvenirs from the tooth fairy:

You Will Need



Sewing Machine and Thread

Step 1:

Fold your paper in half again and again (the same way you would to cut out multiple hearts) and cut out the shape of half of a set of wings.

Step 2:

Using your sewing machine, sew through the paper wings, pulling the thread gently while continuing to sew (and leaving a good amount of space before the next set of wings) in between each set of wings.  You can sew as many or as little as you wish!

You are done! See how amazingly easy that is?

Simple enough for a busy mom and magical enough to delight your child!

This project can “take flight” in so many different directions! Happy wing-making my friends!


  1. Love the tooth fairy wings, such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. medina says:

    I want my tooth fairy to see her

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