Creating Constellations with Our Babbabox.

I have something fun to share with you today!  As readers of this blog, you all know that I love simple.  The simpler the better, in my book.  What could be simpler than having a box show up on your doorstep containing everything you need for hours of quality time with your children?  Last week Levi and I found a Babbabox on our front porch and the suspense was almost too much for Levi to bear.  Here’s a video of Levi opening his Babbabox.

Just incase you didn’t catch all of that (there were a few things that weren’t shown in the video) here’s a photo of the contents of the box…

There was so much here that we had a hard time deciding which to start with!  We went for the Constellation Frame project, which was really cool.  This project uses light-sensitive paper, which is actually one of the earliest forms of photography… a really cool little fact for a photography lover like me.

It creates images using three things:

  1. Light-sensitive paper
  2. water
  3. sunlight

I had never tried this technique before (the prints are called cyanotypes) so I was really excited about it, and so was Levi.  We got to work on Levi’s print.

First Levi placed star stickers on the light-sensitive paper, creating his own constellation.  It was important to do this out of the way of bright light or direct sunlight.

Next we took his design outside, into the direct sunlight, for just a couple of minutes, to let the sunlight do its work.  In just a couple of minutes the paper started to fade.

We quickly took the paper out of the sunlight before it became overexposed.  The next step was to immerse the paper in water and carefully peel the stickers off while the paper was under water.

When the paper came out of the paper we set it on a rack to dry.  I noticed that it was looking really splotchy and wondered if this was normal.  Like I said, I’ve never used light sensitive paper before.  The more it dried the worse it got.

Welllllllll, guess what.  I’m a dork and didn’t notice that there was more than one piece of light-sensitive paper in our Babbabox.  I had stuck them all in the water together, so they were not turning out the way they were supposed to (obviously).  OOPS!  Even with my huge mistake I think that Levi’s constellation turned out really well.  He was so proud of his creation!  That made it beautiful to me, splotches and all.   Can you guess what his constellation might be?


He calls it Baby Levi, ha ha ha!  I love it!  The cluster of stars is his head and the other four are his hands and feet.  He came up with that all by himself, and I’m really impressed.  I would never have thought to ask Levi to create a constellation, but Babbabox did!  How fun!  The project came with it’s own cardboard frame, but I opted to put it in a spare frame that we had so that I can hang it if I choose to.

Babbabox is so much fun and so reasonable for what you will get in your box every month.  Besides all the supplies we needed for two craft projects, plus a binoculars and a chart for recording the phases of the moon, we received a book, a free app download, and a gift for me (a cute wine stopper)… all based on the Sun, Moon & Stars theme.  Totally fun and enough to supply you with several hours of fun with your children.  Right now you can get 50% off too!  See the details below.

I was so impressed with every aspect of this box.  You can try it out yourself for one month (no commitment) using the code below and see for yourself how great it is!  Have fun!


  1. kellie says:

    I like the splotchy! I’ve never heard of light sensitive paper. It looks fun. How would you compare the Babbabox to Kiwi Crate?

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