Round Up Some Snowflakes with Jeanette from Artchoo!

Today’s guest is a new bloggy friend of mine, Jeanette from Artchoo!  When I met Jeanette at Bloggy Boot Camp, the thing that I first noticed about Jeanette was her extremely cute haircut, then I found out that she hails from my hometown of Chicago and also writes a creative blog…  her blog is geared towards kids and is a true delight!  It’s bright, fun, and inspiring.  I hope you’ll take a minute to visit it and say “Hello”!


We haven’t had any significant snow yet in the Chicago area, but I know it’s a-comin’. This is the first year my 3 year old will really appreciate it, and I’m so excited for the photo ops with him bundled up like a marshmallow. In the meantime, we’ll anticipate the snow with a bunch of art projects, and create our own snowflakes!

1. I love the snowflakes in this first photo from Lila was Here. You could make a similar one with your kids by spray painting a large branch white, hanging it from the ceiling with screw-hooks, then stringing paper snowflakes on fishing line hanging down from the branch. Maybe hot glue them to some thread.

snowflake branch


2. This project from Country Living requires some twisting of wire and hot gluing, so it’s probably well-suited to kids 7 and up. Have your kids make zillions of these snowflakes and string them up all over the place for a magical wonderland. They also make great gift toppers.

wire flakes


3. Oh my goodness, what a brilliant idea! Noodle snowflakes are one more way young kids can make something cool out of macaroni shapes! You’ll need noodles, wax paper, strong glue, craft glue, glitter and white spray paint. We’re definitely doing this this year. By Stephanie from Even Cleveland, featured on the Katy Elliot site.

noodle flakes


4. Snowflake mosaic project! These are a very clever way to use cut paper snowflakes. They’re mounted and embellished with pieces from old cd’s. I’m sure they’d look lovely with all sorts of glittery, sparkly bits glued all over them. They look great hanging in groups. From the Riverside Elementary blog.

flake mosaics

5. This painting project is a simple way to get a great-looking finished product from a preschooler. They’ll be so proud, and they get to get super painty. From Inner Child Fun.

snowflake painting


6. This watercolor resist snowflake project is simple but graphic and colorful – my favorite type of project. It’s from Art Projects for Kids.

snowflake watercolor resist project

Well that was fun, but now I’m freezing- time to go slurp some hot cocoa!

Mmmm… hot cocoa!  Sounds great!  Thank you for sharing with us today, Jeanette!  Have a great day everyone.  Go forth and make snow!



  1. louise says:

    Love the first one! I’ve been look for a stick to do something similar at my house. Stars instead of snowflakes. Cool ideas!

  2. Thank you for a great round up! We have lots of snow at the moment but I still love sticking paper snowflakes on our windows!

  3. Ann says:

    Love snowflakes! My favorite is number 6!


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