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I’ve been making a few handmade cards lately with an adorable Christmas themed pad of paper that I found at Michael’s, the same paper that I made the countdown chain from (which is serving it’s purpose very well, by the way).  This sweet little Christmas tree has a secret, however…

It’s not a partridge in a pear tree… it’s!  Have you heard of  This is a really cool idea that I have had the chance to try. allows you to record an audio or video message and attach it to a sticker that has this handy QR code.  It’s really easy to use, especially if you have an iPhone.  To create the message, all I did was download the free app to my phone, use the QR reader in the app to scan my sticker, and then recorded a message.

What happens then?  This card that I made is a thank you card for my mother and father in law.  We received our Christmas gifts from them, so the kids recorded a “Thank you” message for them.  When Grandma and Grandpa receive their card, they will scan the sticker and be able to listen to their grandchildren’s message!  Isn’t that cool?  If they had an iPhone it would be as easy as downloading the free app and scanning the sticker, but they don’t have iPhones.  The great thing is you don’t have to have an iPhone for this to work!  All they have to do is visit, enter the code at the bottom of the sticker, and enjoy the message!

I tried the StoryStickers for Crafting, which holds 50 MB of info, or approximately 2 minutes of video.  The content is stored for a lifetime!  You can also buy StoryPatches for Fabric Crafts, which are machine washable and measure about 3″ square.  What a great idea!  There are StoryStickers for Holiday Cards which come in a pack of 10, allowing you to record one message and apply it to all 10 stickers.  The possibilities are endless with these!

Would you like to try

I’m giving away three 2-packs of StoryStickers to two lucky readers!  Each winner will get six in total (in various colors).  I know there have been a lot of giveaways on the blog lately, but it’s the season of giving and I love to be able to pass on some holiday cheer!  So enter through the Rafflecopter widget below and I’ll email the winners in a couple of days!
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  1. Amy says:

    What a cool idea! This could be great for doing thank-you messages after Christmas.

  2. Nancy Carr says:

    Interesting idea! I would use these in cardmaking. Happy Holidays!

  3. How fun! I’ve never heard of that!

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