Terrific Toy Lamp Tutorial

Happy New Year to you all! We’ve found a great way to reuse old and loved toys, and we like to share it with you. Have a look and make your own with this toy lamp tutorial!

You need plastic toys of different shapes and sizes, a table lamp base, glue and spray paint.


1. The first thing you want to do is to build up the toys around the lamp base. Don’t use glue yet, just play around and try different combinations of toys. Stack the toys on each other, squeeze in as many as you can and make sure there is something fun to look at from all angles. It takes time and patience to put together a good mix of toys, but it’s time worth spending.


2. When you’re pleased with your combination of toys, remove all batteries and give the toys a first coat of paint. Put the toys, still not glued together, on a newspaper covered tray (like we did with the hangers here) and bring the tray outside. Be sure to read the instructions on your spray paint carefully before you start. Good ventilation is always required and especially important if you’re doing this with your children. We always use our spray paint outdoors, even in the middle of winter.


3. When the first coat of paint has dried it’s finally time to glue the toys into place. Once the glue has dried add as many coats of paint as you like. Many thin layers of paint will leave a more even surface but if you are, like I am, working with an 8-year old (with limited patience) you might have to settle for fewer but thicker layers.


To me the end result is never as important as having Freja participate in the making.  Yes, the paint is not perfectly smooth – but we made the lamp together.

A bunch of abandoned toys now have a new life and they will bring us lots of joy for many years to come. We hope you liked our lamp tutorial.  Want to see more? Check out the ones we made last year. Enjoy!

Karin and Freja, Pysselbolaget


  1. What a great idea! We have tons of little plastic toys laying around everywhere. I bet this would be adorable with toy cars too! -Jen

  2. louise says:

    This is fantastic! I love it!! I want to make one with all the little random toys we seem to accumulate!

    • I know… she’s brilliant to have thought of this. It makes me think of Toy Story and all of Sids unwanted mutant toys, ha ha ha.

  3. kellie says:

    this is terrific!!


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