The Unglued Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst (and a giveaway)

Every once in awhile a book comes along that just kind of smacks you in the face.

In a good way, I mean.

Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst is one of those books for me.  Unglued spoke to me because I felt like I could have written it (except for the fact that I couldn’t have, ha ha ha).  This is the book that held a mirror up to my face and made me see parts of myself that I didn’t want to admit out loud existed.  But the funny thing is that it felt so good to know that I was not alone!  You can read my review of Unglued, the book,  here.

Today, I’m happy to tell you about the Unglued Devotional!  YAY!  I am jumping-up-and-down-excited about this little book, because it is changing my life on a daily basis, and that’s is no lie.  Unglued moments happen in our lives, every day.  I don’t have to list examples.  I’m sure you can think of a time or two in the last day or so when your patience wore so thin that you felt like you were dangling over the precipice of insanity.  One false move and you were going to lose it.  Or maybe you did.  Wouldn’t you like those moments to be fewer and farther between, because they can be!  I’m living proof.  Even though it seems as though my children are bent on sending me over the edge as often and as quickly as they can, I am learning that I am in control of my reactions, not them.  That is empowering, though difficult at times.

One of the hardest things for me is swallowing my pride when it comes to having my feelings hurt by my husband.  Let’s be honest. The majority of the time our husbands have no idea that they have said something to hurt us, although I know at times we are intentionally hurtful to each other.  It is natural for me to put my stubborn pride first.  Why should I apologize when I’m the one who has been hurt, right?  I want to make my voice heard.  I want my hurt to be known and I want to be apologized to.  But guess what?  There’s another stubborn person on the other end of the conflict who doesn’t want to give in either.  Lysa struggles with the same feelings, which makes me love this book even more.  She suggests this…

Only God can rein in my natural reactions.

He is my primary source of power, love, and self-discipline.

Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us?  I’m telling you what- I’m beginning to believe that it is and the Unglued Devotional is what is making a believer out of me.  Based completely on the word of God, Lysa takes me through a 60 days of imperfect progress, teaching me to:

  • Live in the grace of making imperfect progress even on those days when my emotions throw me for a loop.
  • Be a more positive role model to my family and coworkers as I shift from overreacting to speaking life-giving words.
  • Know with confidence how to resolve conflict in my closest relationships.
Each day begins with an opening Scripture.  There’s a thought for the day, a devotion, and a closing prayer.  It’s a perfect companion to my daily Bible reading, and taking less than 5 minutes to read it’s perfect to keep with me when I’m on the go!
Would you benefit from a book like this?
How about a giveaway?

Today Lysa will be giving away a great prize package (that’s right… package!) to one Southern Institute reader!  Here is what’s included:

  • Unglued book
  • Unglued devotional
  • Set of 4 Unglued key tags
  • Highlighter
  • Journal
  • $5 Starbucks gift card

Isn’t that a great giveaway?  What a blessing to have Unglued and the Unglued Devotional as companion books, reading them together and making imperfect progress that will change your life.  I’m so excited to give this away today, because I know what a blessing it will be to the winner!  To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below and I’ll email the winner shortly after the giveaway ends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I received a free copy of this book for review.  However, I am imperfect and the opinions expressed in this post are completely honest and totally my own.


  1. Kristina says:

    I could REALLY benefit from this Prize Package!! I have three children and they are constantly trying my patience. Especially my oldest, who is about to graduate high school. He generally doesn’t want to listen to us older/wiser people and is constantly pushing back at us which makes it difficult to just stayed glued!

    • Kristina, I hear you loud and clear! Although I don’t have teenagers yet, I do have three and they are the test of my patience almost all of the tim… and they are great kids! They are kids, none the less, and sinners, just like me. :)

  2. Amy says:

    Most of my unglued moments come when my children aren’t listening.

    • Oh I hear you, Amy! I was not a yeller until my third child came along and we became outnumbered. For some reason the dynamic of having two little boys 19 months apart just did me in. I have been struggling ever since.

  3. Jennifer M says:

    What a lovely package! So sweet that she included a journal and highlighter! She thought of everything. Thank you!

  4. BethA says:

    Well, it would be hard for me to nail down just one “unglued” scenario. Let me see. Maybe traffic snarls, rude people, family that tunes me out when I speak, a difficult elderly parent. Those are the ones I encounter the most. I could REALLY use this prize package!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Leisha says:

    I read the book before Christmas and am absolutely reading in again, in fact I am going to be doing an Unglued book study group for the ladies at our church and I plan to blog about it as we work through the book as well – if I win, I will pay it forward and use it to bless someone in the group. Love it! Thanks so much to you and Lysa both for this opportunity! The big trigger for me is the eye rolling, sighing, mumbler who is now occupying the body of my sweet son!!!

  6. Cristy Carnes says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! Even though I don’t have children I could very much benefit. I struggle with reigning in my emotions.

    • Emotion outbursts are definitely not constrained to child related situations! I’m so glad that you found the giveaway today!

  7. Rachel R. says:

    Looks like a great book! In my pride, I thought I didn’t struggle with anger, until the Lord gave me three kids 4 and under!

  8. Sasha says:

    We just started the Unglued study at our church and I am LOVING it. What a great giveaway!

  9. Shannon says:

    Lots of things make me come Unglued — I’d say the biggest one is traffic.

  10. Adena says:

    I come unglued whenever things seem out of my control. Would love this package!

  11. Heather says:

    I would love to win this package! I get unglued dealing with my boys sometimes. :(

  12. Clare says:

    What an awesome prize package!!!! I’m at my most unglued when things are beyond my control—-and that’s all the time. Yikes.

  13. Oh I LOVED Unglued! I can’t wait to go through the devotional. One thing I have learned is coming Unglued happens so easily I must make a conscious effort to overcome my natural tendencies. With God’s help I’m making progress. This book helped me see that changes is possible!

  14. Danni says:

    What make me unglue every time? My 7yo’s dramatic meltdowns. I thought having boys meant I didn’t have to deal with hormones and over-the-top emotions, but he gets it honest, I suppose. It’s hard to deal with the child of yours that is *exactly* like you – it’s like arguing with yourself on a daily basis. I could definitely use some tools in those moments to help me cope a little better and be able to come to a calm resolution instead of melting down with him. :-/ (Wow, that was really honest, wasn’t it?)

    • Oh, Danni, my almost 6 year old is the most emotional little boy I know, and he always has been. I mean, a beautiful song will bring that boy to tears! You could use this book as much as I do! :)

  15. Vinita says:

    My unglued moments are my husband saying hurtful things. I can handle most everything with some semblance of rational response, but not this. I instantly react. I’m trying hard to overcome this and desperately need some “Unglued” wisdom to help me!

  16. Deborah Odom says:

    My unglued moments are coming from battling with various health issues. I remember what it feels like to be healthy and happy, but at the moment, I am frustrated because I feel so lousy.

    • Oh my goodness, Deborah! I am walking that journey with you too and have been for the past year, actually longer. It has been so hard and I know that it has contributed to many an unglued moment between me and my family members. I feel for you so much. Hugs and prayers are going out to you.

  17. Brandi says:

    My question was what makes me come unglued? To wake up late and not have time for devotion in the morning. The kids wake up early and it sets the stage for a completely unglued day. I pray everyday, but when my day start like this I feel as if it is a constant struggle to say those live giving words instead of exploding all over the place.

  18. Patti says:

    Oh this looks fantastic! I find myself least able to control my emotions when my children are arguing. I love them so much, and it hurts me to see them hurting each other and behaving in ways they don’t see modeled in our family. The fact that it tips me over the edge is an ugly reinforcement. :-(

  19. Jill says:

    Love Lysa’s books.

  20. Tracy says:

    Lovin’ this book and devo! Preparing to lead the study at my church. Would LOVE to have a copy to share.
    Disrespect from my teenage unglues me quicker than anything. Making imperfect progress, though. Thank you, Jesus.
    Have a beautiful day, girls!

  21. Terri says:

    I come unglued at work – my job isn’t super stressful, it’s MYSELF that needs changing. My prayer is for the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart to be acceptable in the Lord’s sight (He is my Rock and Redeemer)! See Psalm 19:14

  22. Brooke W. says:

    I tend to become unglued when my 2 year old is whining. She tends to whine when she asks for something. She doesn’t have great pronunciation yet and is extremely difficult to understand. The more she wants something “peeeeeaaaase” gets louder, higher pitched and more insistent and the rest of her words less understandable. My bloodpressure skyrockets and I get snappy. We both get frustrated.

  23. cheryl says:

    i woud love to learn about why i come unglued!

  24. Kelly says:

    I have a hard time not coming unglued when my 7 year old daughter complains about my cooking, which happens to be almost daily. :)

  25. Kylee says:

    This book was AMAZING!!! Im pretty sure she read my thoughts and seen my actions when writing Unglued! I can never seem to get a grip on my emotions. I come unglued easily when I have been emotionally hurt, i just dont ever know how to handle it!!!

  26. Teressa Godshall says:

    I become unglued with my husband…Would love to have this package!

  27. Ashley C says:

    I almost always become unglued when my boys decide they are each other’s worst enemies… which is all too often! It’s these moments when I struggle in my quest to bring Jesus to them. When all I want to do is cry out and yell as the tension builds in my throat, I need to just raise my hands and fall down on my knees!

  28. Angela says:

    Wow – you hit the nail on the head with this. “One of the hardest things for me is swallowing my pride when it comes to having my feelings hurt by my husband.” This is especially true for us since he started his own business last year, and I’ve been working with him in getting it off the ground, putting processes into place, etc. Another whole arena of our lives open and ripe for success, partnership, and joy, but also for conflict, hurt, and impatience. As if living life together and raising children together didn’t provide enough opportunity to become “Unglued!” :-)

  29. Stephanie says:

    Wow, I could really use a devotional like that. I read the book and just love it. Like you said, it could have been a story about my life.

  30. Mrs. bacon says:

    My biggest unglued moments come when I am in the midst of doing something important, the phone rings and it is someone who wants my attention solely….and then does not like it when I ask if I can call them back…”It’ll only take a minute”….never takes a minute

  31. Lacey C. says:

    Inconsideration definitely tempts me most to be unglued!!!

  32. cathy says:

    my toddler whining. something about that voice…

  33. Arlene says:

    I need to get this book! Sounds perfect for me and my unglued moments.!

  34. Kim says:

    When my kids don’t clean up after themselves. One’s a senior in high school and the other just graduated. When things sit around for a while and they don’t do anything about it gets me unglued. Especially when they haven’t done anything all day but watch tv or play video games.

  35. Aubrey M. says:

    This book sounds really great! I’ve got a three year old and an infant at home, and patience is a hit commodity around these parts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Karissa says:

    My Unglued moment come when dealing with my 6 children, I am step-mom, foster mom and mom to a child with special needs. I could really use a devotional like this.

  37. cassidy says:

    I really identify with all those mamas out there! Daily routines make me come unglued…which essentially means, I come unglued everyday. I have a 3 and 6 year old and it is such a job to get to school on time and do bath/bed/lights out on time. What makes me most frustrated is that I want to find joy and comfort and create positive memories in the everyday routine. Children are only young for such a short time and I wanted a family for so long. I really need to find ways to control my perspective, reactions, and thus, create a more positive, loving, gentle, patient environment. I would love to win the giveaway and also share this with my women’s small group. Thank you!

  38. Christina Courtright says:

    I would love to win the giveaway package! Can’t wait to dig into the book!

  39. Julie Sunne says:

    I unglue every time something unpleasant happens unexpectedly–a blip in my radar, so to speak, interrupting my day.

  40. Vicki says:

    This book sounds like it would bless both me and my small group! Thanks for the op to win one!

  41. Monica A says:

    This sounds like an amazing giveaway! I have 3 boys and surely could use this package.

  42. Priscilla says:

    Trying to effectively communicate with my 85 year old mother. I need to have more patience, but living with each other can be difficult at times. (as with any relationship). I have done the Made To Crave small group study and it was wonderful. I have heard many good things about Unglued.

  43. Laura says:

    My 10 year-old has more pride, audacity, and general “I-know-everthing”ness than his three older siblings put together = me, unglued!

  44. Stephanie S says:

    I come unglued everytime my 4 year old pretends she doesn’t hear me when I know she does! I’m working hard to not let this happen and extend the same grace to her that God extends to me.

  45. Kris Bush says:

    I become unglued over quite a few things now that I really think about it. I get unglued over whining and blatant disobedience. I get unglued over mess, I know something that is bound to happen everyday. It still unglues me at times though. I need to learn how to not let everything bother me to the point of becoming unglued.

  46. I’m looking for something new to bring into my Quiet Time — which has been one of my resolutions for 2013. I’ve been doing well, and had in the past too, but I feel I need something more to amp up my devotional and QT! This could be it!

  47. Jenifer says:

    My unglued moments come when dealing with my 13 year old son’s attitude toward chores and school work. I deeply struggle with this.

  48. I have the book but I would LOVE to have the entire set and do this bible study in my home with my friends. It’s at the top of my list of things to do in 2013.

  49. marcia S. says:

    I come unglued when my children ignore instructions.

  50. Becky J says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway…this Irish-German gal can use some tips :)

    • Becky J says:

      oops forgot to finish…what gets deepest at my heart is when others are cruel to my children- watch out for Momma Lioness…eech

  51. Lisa says:

    I tend to come unglued when I perceive that I’m not being heard. I get really frustrated whether it be my kids, my husband or my parents.

  52. Sha'rrell Haws says:

    My list of things that unglues me is getting longer! One in particular right now is the constant chaos I find myself deep in the middle of (bad grammar, sorry)….. and having no control whatsoever about it!

  53. Carolyn Windley says:

    What unglues me everytime?

    Those who have manipulative spirits . I always seem to be the one fighting for the stomped on rights of the people they try to mow down. I react and fight with a viciousness only rivaled by hungry lions at a stock show. My mouth goes off, my emotions rage. My intent is not to hurt them but to stop them from hurting others, my ways of accomplishing this are not productive.

  54. Polly Schneider says:

    What unglues me almost all the time is when somebody complains about something so insignificant and doesn’t think about how blessed they are compared to others around them. You know what I mean, people that have a lot but don’t think they do. Does that make sense?

  55. Amanda Feist says:

    I tend to have a lot of Unglued mornings. While trying to rush out the door my 3 year old is throwing a fit because his milk isn’t in the cup he wanted, he doesn’t want a jacket, but then he does want a jacket just not THAT jacket the other jacket, he wants to go potty but wants to go outside in the grass and not in the restroom. Or my 8 year old realizes he forgot his books in his room, 5 minutes later I find him playing on his itouch and still doesn’t have his books, or re-arranging his video games. These types of mornings are not very pretty in my house. :-(

  56. Erika B says:

    would love to have this

  57. Nancy Carr says:

    My unglued moments are when I have too much to do or there are too many wanting me to do something. Thank you for the giveaway.

  58. Jodie says:

    Situations that make me come unglued is when I’m under a high stress level.

  59. Bree says:

    I become unglued when people don’t follow through with their promises.

  60. Ashley says:

    Wat a blessing this book would be! My husband is active duty military and it seems like every turn has something that causes me to come unglued!

    And thanks to Lisa, I came across your blog! I love it!

  61. Here’s my comment! I’d love to win this!! :D

  62. Darci says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway…what a precious gift! If I won, I would gather up my newfound college study partner (Anatomy and Physiology) (btw, she is 56 and I am 49 :), pull up a cozy chair at a our local Starbucks, set aside our science books, put our heads together and read this devotional. She is so hungry for the Word right now, that I believe there will also be some good discussions, praising, and prayers going on too. I have been slowly and gently sharing the Gospel with her, so this would be a great addition to add to our time sharing together in “God’s Presence!”
    What unglues me? Yikes, the thorn in my side, my “unbeliver” husband, who isn’t so nice (verbally) sometimes. After much strength that God gives me (to hold my tongue and not be angry), I eventually become “unglued” and become what I do not want to be…angry and bitter, then, its back to square one :( I am getting better…slooowwllyy….thank goodness God is merciful and full of grace, if He wasn’t I would be in trouble!!
    God is good!!

  63. Annie Wetherbee says:

    I come unglued when I have an encounter with my “estranged” 33 yr old son. We got custody of my son’s son when he and his wife were involved with drugs and alcohol. It took 5 bitter years of court battles to adopt him. My son does not remember the threats he made to kill us or his son to keep us from taking care of the baby. Now, when we “run into” him somewhere and he tells me he is no longer looking for an apology from us……I come ungluded!! Every time!
    The good news in all of this, is that our 13, almost 14 year old adopted son is a strong Christian young man who loves the Lord and wants to work in missions when he is grown.
    Your book and all of the extras would be shared with my small group of women that meet bi-weekly. Thank you for the chance!

  64. Tristi says:

    It’s my husband that gets the brunt of most of my unglued moments as well. He’s a gem but I can never seem to keep my emotions under control. I’d love to win this!

  65. Nickie Moseley says:

    Although I am THANKFUL for them and what I have – I work with family in a trucking business and it can be a blessing but it can be a HARD thing to work with family – along with a super busy life style – 2 active little girls – some bad debt that keeps us living on a tight budget – unfinished house (it was a barn we turned into a house – Just me and my husband with a little help here and there) – its been an over whelming 2-3 years and still cant come up for air just yet…….could go on and on but I am blessed and would be super blessed to win this!!

  66. Charlene says:

    The thing that gets me unglued is my kids complaining about dinner and how that don’t like it and this is all before it has even been served.

  67. Shannon stinson says:

    Hey sweet jenny! What a great give away! I am excited to get started on this study as I just ordered the book, the study and DVD! I didn’t order the devotional….but would share the book with a friend if I were to win!! I think it will be perfect for me….as I deal with this more than I care to admit. I homeschool and I’m home with my kids 24/7 ( which I love) but sometimes I feel my self coming “unglued”! So much of the time I look back and think “why did I handle that situation in that manner like I had no control?”……hoping this book will encourage and guide me in another way!!

  68. I would dearly love to win this giveaway. I NEED this book. :)

  69. Kim M says:

    I go nuts when my kids continue to bicker non-stop.

  70. Kiley says:

    People not picking up after themselves at home. I have 3 boys and a husband, so this happens A LOT!!!

  71. Terri S says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! The situation that almost always makes me come unglued is when my son decides that school work isn’t as important as his Lego playing and he continues to ignore my “advice” to finish playing and get back to school.

  72. Yvette says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, for me, conversations with people where their ideas, thoughts, etc., are the only right ones…where you almost have to argue because even your personal feelings are debated about. Try as I might, I tend to get unglued everytime.

  73. Amy says:

    This sounds like something I need to read. I feel like I am constantly coming unglued as I get pulled in many directions with all my many responsibilities. I came unglued last week when the whole family got sick. Ugh.

  74. Catherine says:

    There are times when I have done something without thinking and feel so stupid. I’m hard on myself. I’d like to believe “it is really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us” and have a better response of grace. This book may help!

  75. Kim says:

    I come unglued with expectations for myself and my children.

  76. C.Jean says:

    Sometimes it’s just getting up in the morning that “unglues” me…when I look at the disorganization in my home and it feels daunting…When I look at all I have to do, I often feel like just giving up.

    • I have found that spending some time cleaning up at night helps my mornings run a little bit more smoothly. Sometimes that means that I’m washing dishes and making lunches at 11:30 p.m., but at least I’m walking into a clean kitchen in the morning, and some days that makes all the difference! Have you tried that?

  77. Teresa says:

    I can’t count how many times each day I come unglued. Would love to have this book as encouragment.

  78. LeAnn says:

    When I am trying to put my youngest down for a nap and my middle daughter comes in the room to ask for a snack… UNGLUED!!

  79. Lora says:

    Unglued at times. Want to be wiser.

    The book has been on my wish list.

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