Geometric Rose.

Hello again! This is Amy Johnson from Maker Mama, and I’m thrilled to be sharing another fun project here at The Southern Institute today! I love a good upcycled craft supply challenge (I’m a recyclables hoarder), so when I was playing with the supplies for today’s project I was thrilled to discover this geometric rose in my hands. My muse for this project?…

…Cardboard frame corners. I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to oddly shaped recyclables, and I knew I’d eventually find something to make with these (and it’s really fun stacking them, you should try it). You’ll need eight frame corners for your rose, and a little red paint to pretty it up.

Geometric-Rose The basic idea is to undo the tabs of each corner piece so you can reconnect them.

Geometric-Rose The rose is made up of three layers. The bottom layer has four pieces (bottom left), the middle has three (bottom right), and then you use a single corner piece for the top. To connect the bottom and middle layers, insert each tab into its neighboring piece until they’re all connected.

Geometric-Rose All you have to do is insert each layer inside the previous one, and you have yourself a rose!

Geometric-Rose If you want to paint your roses read (tee-hee), then I recommend laying each piece flat and adding your color first. I used a red base, and then added some sparkly paint on top. I also liked the way it looked without painting the inner layer of the rose. Feel free to paint yours any color you want. And for some staying power, I also recommend gluing the layers together.

Geometric-Rose This would make a sweet and artsy Valentine’s Day gift, and a dozen of these costs less and lasts longer than the real thing (although they won’t smell as good).

I hope you enjoyed my little geometric rose craft, and would love to have you over to check out more of my tutorials at Maker Mama. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and see you again next month!

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