Molded Chocolate Cupcakes with a Surprise Inside from Michelle at Sugar Swings.

Hello, hello, hello!  The Sew Fab Bundle sale was a HUGE success, but after a full week of sewing related posts I think I’m ready for a treat, aren’t you?  Who better to bring us a treat than Michelle from the blog Sugar Swings! Serve Some?  Michelle has a knack for creating amazing goodies.  I have to know if there is any way in the world that she can ship me some of these for Luke’s birthday party next month, because there is no way that I can do that!  The treat she is sharing today is more my speed, however.  These are beautiful and perfect for the big day this week!  

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle from the blog Sugar Swings! Serve Some and I am so very excited to be here today sharing with you all a fun little chocolate project just in time for Valentine’s Day! It made my day when Jenny asked me to guest post here since I always find some really interesting projects on The Southern Institute, whether it’s a recipe, a craft, a how to project or just being introduced to some new blogs, there is always some fun stuff found here!

I knew I wanted to share some cupcakes with you, but wanted to make them a little different and more fun than regular cupcakes (although I happen to LOVE regular old cupcakes!).

These are made from a Wilton candy 3-D mold that I picked up ages ago and just finally got around to trying it out.  It’s relatively simple to use too.  

  • Fill to a designated line on the mold with melted chocolate or candy melt. 
  • Snap the top into place so the candy fills in the mold and also hollows out the cupcake top and bottom. 
  • Let harden and pop out of the mold.  I put mine in the freezer to let the chocolate harden faster and I have found it pops out of molds easier when very cold.
  • Fill the bottoms with your candy of choice (I went with Sweetarts Hearts).
  • Add more melted chocolate around the rim.
  • Attach the cupcake tops.

You could really fill with any small candies like m and m’s but I thought Valentines Day candies would work well for this.

For the cupcake tops, I added a few different candy melt colors to a zip lock bag and then melted in the microwave.  Once all melty, you can swirl the colors around in the bag before adding to the mold.  Once assembled you can add a large sprinkle on top to finish it off (attached with more melted candy).  You can really design and decorate your cupcakes anyway you like.  Smaller sprinkles all over a solid color cupcake top would be really pretty and cute too.

They are really festive on their own but the surprise candy inside makes them even better!

These are being wrapped up as special Valentines for the kids teachers this year.

And you get some really colorful “cupcakes” for anyone who may be tired of the real thing (but really is anyone besides my kids tired of cupcakes?). Not me! But for some kids (or adults) that can’t eat gluten this is a great way to give them a cupcake too!

Again, THANK YOU Jenny for letting me share this fun treat with you all.  It really has been a lot of fun and I hope you like the “cupcakes”! I hope to see you around!

Have an awesome week!
Michelle from Sugar Swings


  1. michelle says:

    thanks Jenny for having me!

  2. You had me fooled; I thought they were regular cupcakes! What a fun and tasty twist!

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