Buttons and Book Characters!

Last week I shared about Read Me Week at the kids’ school and the shirt that I made for Read My Shirt day.  Well, the shirt was a huge hit with his tennis instructor/P.E. teacher!  She loved it!  The rest of the week was so much fun.  There was plenty of story telling, Button Day, and my favorite, the Book Character Parade!

First, the buttons.  We don’t have many buttons laying around the house, so the kids and I ran over to Michael’s and bough a DIY button kit to have some fun with.  We got out the markers and the kids went to work…

Several markers and about ten minutes later they were done with their artwork.  We cut the artwork into circles so they would fit into the buttons, inserted them into the casings, and popped the backings on.  The pins were already attached so it couldn’t have been easier.  This is a great wearable art project for kids and it’s super inexpensive!  Here they are with their finished buttons…

Thursday they got to wear their buttons to school (well, Levi isn’t in school so he wore his at home), but Friday was the much anticipated…

Book Character Parade!

This is one of the highlights of the school year, if you ask me.  At the end of Read Me Week the kids get to come to school dressed as a book character.  After the morning announcements they have a big parade throughout the school.  All of the teachers dress up and  many of the parents line the halls to take part in the festivities and cheer for the kids as they march through the halls.  It is so much fun!  This year was Abby’s last year and Luke’s first, so it was a very exciting year for us.  Tom, Levi and I all came to see them in the parade.

Abby is a BOOK WORM.  This girl lives and breathes books!  She has been planning for this year’s parade since last year’s parade.  She chose to be Kate Wetherall, a very spunky character from a book called The Mysterious Benedict Society.  This is from a wonderful series!  We love these books so much!  Kate always has her trusty bucket at her side, filled with things that she might use to get her out of a fix.  I found a Cars pail at a consignment sale for $1 and spray painted it red… it was the perfect size to hang from her belt loop with her finger-knitted rope.  The striped shirt came from Boden (I was pretty much just looking for an excuse to buy this shirt for her.  “What? You say you need a red and white striped shirt for the character parade??? I know just the thing!”  Seriously!  Isn’t it adorable?)

That drawing on the top right is from here, and the sketch on the bottom right I found here.  So cool!  I had no idea there was so much out there pertaining to the characters in this series!

Luke chose a book called Take Care, Good Knight.  This story is an adorable tale of miscommunication as three little dragons are charged with the care of dozens of cats.  Things get a little crazy, and very silly!  Luke dressed up as one of the cats from the story.

We pretty much had a great time during the whole week.  It’s my favorite week of the school year, I think.  Maybe it’s because some of my fondest childhood memories involve books.  I probably would have dressed up as Betsy or Tacy if my elementary school had done a character parade.  I was a book worm just like Abby is.  I spent my entire summer reading as many books as I could.  Oh to have the time to do that again…maybe when I’m 50?  Hey, that’s not as far off as I think!

What were some of your favorite book characters when you were a child?





  1. Cathy Enders says:

    Nancy Drew – hands down!! And Cherry Ames – a nurse version of Nancy Drew. I devoured those books third grade and beyond. Unfortunately, when I had two boys and no girls, I gave them away. Guess that’s better than them sitting around gathering dust!

    • kellie says:

      I’ve been looking on ebay for Cherry Ames for my girl. Do you need to read them in order?

  2. kellie says:

    Your costumes are great! We love The Mysterious Benedict Society! My daughter is also a huge book lover. Her favorite place to go is the library. I loved the Emily books by LM Montgomery.

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