DIY Superhero Cape Video Tutorial.

My DIY Superhero Cape tutorial has been my Numero Uno, #1, top most viewed post at The Southern Institute for quite some time now.  I posted it over two years ago as part of the Celebrate the Boy series at MADE and Made By Rae and boy (no pun intended) has it taken off!  It has been pinned and re-pinned thousands of time, which makes me so happy!  I love that people love the simplicity of this project.  The DIY Superhero Cape is the perfect thing for a rainy day, a playdate, or a birthday party.  It’s inexpensive, requires no sewing at all, and kids love it!  I decided to update the tutorial a bit by creating a video tutorial for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Creativity Made Simple campaign.  The new video is actually a little bit different than the pictorial tutorial, cutting out one of the steps and making it even faster and easier!  Have a look and see what you think!


This DIY Superhero cape tutorial shows me making a girl’s version of the cape, but you can make one for your little boy too by using any kind of embellishment that you like.  Use felt to create an emblem and hot glue that to the back of the cape.  You can use glitter paint or puffy paint to draw your little superhero’s name.  Get creative and let you children in on the fun!  They’ll love decorating their own capes!  The possibilities are endless.

 Have you made your DIY Superhero Cape yet?


  1. kellie says:

    Great job on the video, Jenny!! I made one a long time ago, but I used a hooded sweatshirt. My boys love being able to pull the hood up. :)

    • Good grief, Kellie, I never thought of using a shirt with a hood!!! That’s an brilliant idea! Awesome!

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