Eleven Incredible Egg Decorating Ideas!

Each year around this time I scramble (no pun intended) to find some good egg decorating ideas. Eggs are just about the most inspiring things for any person to get crafty with, and there are literally endless ways to decorate  and dye them. But friends, I’m here to save you some trouble today because I’m am going to provide you a list of links to some pretty incredible egg decorating ideas. You can get your pinning and bookmarking finger ready because this one is a keeper! Are you ready? Are you set? Here you go!

Eleven Incredible Egg Decorating Ideas:

  1. You’ve seen crayons melted to make crazy crayons but have you ever seen crayons melted to decorate eggs? Here are some that are stunningly gorgeous.
  2. How about a yarn craft? Here are some awesome yarn eggs!
  3. These wool felted eggs are so beautiful that I would decorate with them all year long.
  4. Not into dying eggs? We made these mini egg crowns for our eggs and they were royally fun.
  5. It doesn’t get cooler than tie dye Easter eggs. Seriously, these are amazing!
  6. I had no idea that herbs and onion skins could make eggs look so beautiful!
  7. Miranda has some amazing ideas here and it’s no wonder since she’s such a talented artist!
  8. These Egg Dyeing and Drying Tips will leave you feeling like an expert.
  9. For this project you simply wrap rubber bands around your eggs then dye them. The effect is super cool!
  10. Want to make some paper eggs? How about turning them into bunnies? I love this idea!
  11. Here’s another egg-to-bunny idea with paper mache from Mollymoo.

Happy Egg Decorating everyone!



  1. Awesome share Caroline, thank you so so much for including my bunny eggs :)

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