Kids Clothes Week.

If you sew, particularly for your children, then chances are that you know about Kids Clothes Week, which is THIS WEEK!  Meg, over at the blog elsie marley, is the genius behind this sewing “challenge”.  It’s really not a challenge per say, but a way to get people motivated to sew for their kids.  The idea is this:  For one week you spend at least one hour a day sewing for your children, and at the end of the week, hopefully, you have some beautiful, handmade clothing ready to wear.  Last year I didn’t participate, but this year I hope to get a couple of things sewn… although it’s a pretty busy week here at The Southern Institute and our home, so there may be some late hours kept.  Wish me luck!  I feel like I should be able to get something done.  Last night I traced and cut the pattern and fabric for an O+S Ice Cream Dress for Abby.

Kids Clothes Week

Joann Fabrics actually sent me the fabric and supplies to make this dress as well as some shorts for the boys, but I’m having trouble with the pattern printing for the shorts.  I’m hoping to get sorted out.  A huge thank you to Joanns!

Here is where the magic happens, ha ha ha!  The Southern Institute is a very tiny home, especially with five people’s things in it, and I’m not afforded the luxury of a sewing/crafts room of my own, so I have to steal space where I can.  Unfortunately it’s right in the middle of everything else, which means that I have to clear it when I’m done (although I do admit to leaving the ironing board our for days on end).  Thankfully I have a desk where my sewing machine and serger stay out at all times!  The floor space between the living room and dining room is the only place that is not covered with a rug that’s big enough to spread out a little bit, so this is where I trace patterns and pin and cut.  I wish I had a cutting table so badly!

I love to sew.  I love that my kids are proud of the clothes that I make for them and that they want to wear them.  I hope that lasts for awhile.

Will you be sewing along with Kids Clothes Week this week?  You can follow the challenge at Kids Clothes Week new blog, and if you’re on Instagram you can follow the hash tag #kidsclothesweek.  Follow me while you’re there at thesoutherninstitute (hint: you don’t have to have the iphone app, you can follow on your computer!)…  I post a lot more there than I do here. :)

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  1. kellie says:

    We have space issues at our house too. I can’t wait to see your finished products! I won’t be sewing this week, but I’m really hoping to make a few pieces sometime this spring!

  2. Ros says:

    The fabrics look great! Looking forward to seeing your finished products :) It’s the first time I’m participating and I’m really enjoying the motivation it’s given me. Lots of winter warmers this time – it’s Autumn here.


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