Ahoy Mateys! I’m on The Skipper Top Tour!


The Skipper Top sewn by www.thesoutherninstitute.com

A good big girl sewing pattern is hard to find, so when I saw that one of my favorite women’s patterns from Sew Much Ado was being released in girl’s sizes I was so excited!  The Skipper Top is the mini version of The Seafarer Top, which I love.  And while there are seemingly millions of adorable patterns for little girls up to age six, it’s not quite as easy to find a pattern for my very tall and lanky ten and a half year old daughter.  That’s what makes this pattern quite the catch (see what I did there?), because not only does it come in a size 10, but it actually fits my TALL ten year old!  

The Skipper Top sewn by www.thesoutherninstitute.com

For starters, Abby has done a great job creating a pattern that is perfect for anyone, no matter what level of sewing they are at.  This pattern is great for beginners.  It does not consist of too many pieces.  In fact, if you choose the most basic design option without arm bands, a neck band, and a waist band then you are only using the front and back pieces and you still have a great fitting, very cute shirt!  

I love the length of the shirt.  That’s always an issue with Abby and her shirts because of her height.  The length is very generous, giving great coverage over her tummy and tush… that earns big points with this momma.  The pocket is adorable and the pattern gives the option of the pocket that I have shown or a heart shaped pocket, which is adorable!

The Skipper Top sewn by www.thesoutherninstitute.com

Abby loves her Skipper Top!  Look at that girl!  Seriously… when did she start looking so grown up?  I can hardly stand it.  Abby (of Sew Much Ado) and I have just been chatting about what it will be like when we’re blogging and all of our kids are teenagers.  It’s going to be interesting to see how that changes things, isn’t it?  It’s not so far off anymore!  Thankfully she still loves for me to makes clothes for her and wears them proudly all of the time.  It makes my heart happy to have a pattern like The Skipper Top that allows me to be able to do that.  It’s not just for big girls either!!  It covers sizes 6 mos. through 10 years, so this is a great investment!  Grab yours today!

Check out some of the other stops on The Skipper Top Tour!  There are plenty of talented ladies sewing this pattern and shared it over the last several days.  Thank you so much for having me, Abby!  It has been a pleasure!

Skipper Top pattern review at www.thesoutherninstitute.com


  1. Kellie says:

    So potentially I could have matching shirts for myself, my 10 yr old, and my 20 mo old. That’s too fun! Caelyn would be all about the heart shaped pocket. This shirt super cute and your Abby is looking so grown up!

  2. abby says:

    Imagine if I was sewing this, then there’d be 3 Abbys! Such a great wardrobe staple.

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