Our Christmas Cards are Here from Minted.com!

We’re in full Christmas mode around here and you know what that means… Christmas card time!  This year I shopped Minted.com’s lovely custom photo Christmas cards (sponsored link).  I’ve never shopped with Minted.com before, have you?  I was so impressed by all of the choices!  Choosing the family card is never easy for me.  As Christians we’re pretty choosy about keeping the true meaning of Christmas front and center on our family Christmas card, so no “Happy Holidays” or “Ho Ho Ho” for us.  We prefer scripture or at least for the card to actually mention Christmas.  Minted.com had plenty to choose from, both religious and non-religious.  It was extremely hard to choose, but I think we have a winner! 

Behold, the Christmas 2013 Yarbrough Family Card…

Minted.com Christmas cards at www.thesoutherninstitute.com


Minted.com Christmas cards at www.thesoutherninstitute.com


I love the way our cards turned out.  The design on the front is just precious and keeps the focus on what is important to our family during the Christmas, the celebration of the birth of our Savior.  On the back I was able to use one of my favorite recent pictures of our family from a hiking trip this past fall.  It makes my heart swell every time I look at it.  

I was out of address labels so I had Minted.com print some up for us.  I have never seen labels like this before!  The return address is right where it is supposed to be, but the elongated label wraps around the left side of the envelope and continues on to the back with the “Merry Christmas” message.  Isn’t that cool?  Not only does it look great, but it ensures that the envelope won’t accidentally come open en route. 

Minted.com Christmas cards at www.thesoutherninstitute.com

All of the designs at Minted.com are created by independent designers, which I love.  They even hold design challenges where you can submit a design to be voted upon.  The fans vote and Minted.com sells the winners… how cool is that?  If you feel so inclined the Valentine’s Day Challenge ends on December 9th and the Birth Announcement Challenge starts on that very same day, December 9th.  Wouldn’t it be fun to win?

Well, I’m off to stuff  and address some envelopes now!  

Have you gotten your cards yet this year?  
If you still need cards this season, check out Minted.com and their great selection!

I received these custom photo cards in return for an honest review of the products that I received from Minted.com.



  1. Lacy says:

    LOVE these! LOVE Minted :)

  2. Jamie says:

    I love Minted! I worked with them two years ago and just ordered our Christmas cards on Sunday from them. Beautiful designs and amazing designers…love your card!

  3. Kellie Snyder says:

    This is awesome!! The photo you used is such a great one of your family! I love the photo cards where there is nothing over top of the photo. I save the photos from my friends cards each year and I love it when I can save just the photo and not the whole card. I’ve not heard of Minted, but I’ll have to check them out now. :) Oh, and those return labels are pretty fun, too.

    • I really like having the greeting be the focus of the card on the front and not the photo. I love that this card had that option and that we could still put a photo on the back… and they look great! I’m super impressed. I hope you’re having a great week!

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