Feeling Stressed Much?

Okay, I’m gonna lay it out here.  This has been a hard few months for me.  Nothing specific, just the normal holiday business.  Add to that trying to fit all of the Christmas shopping/programs/parties/preparation/fun in while still getting adjusted to our first year of homeschooling and getting any amount of work done.  It has not been easy for me, I admit.  Most of the things that I would normally do during the day I now must do at night, because homeschooling our daughter takes up so much of my time during the day time hours.  Inevitably that means that the things that I would normally do at night either get done very, very late at night or not at all, especially at this time of the year… so I’m feeling a bit stressed.  Overwhelmed you might say.  Things that I enjoy doing for myself (exercising, reading, hanging out with my husband for goodness sake, having lunch with my best friend) rarely happen. 

homeschooling at www.thesoutherninstitute.com

In no way do I regret the choice to bring Abby home and educate her here.  I love that part!  It is rewarding and we see a difference in her.  She is happier, less stressed, and blossoming.  I am so proud of her.  

But being responsible for our daughter’s education is a big sacrifice of time.  I knew it would be, but I guess I couldn’t know how it would play out and how it would affect me until we were in the middle of it.  It seems to me that homeschool naysayers are always worried about the child becoming isolated, but what about the parent who is giving up their time, giving up their freedom to have lunch and an adult conversation with their best friend… without a child sitting in, hanging on every word?  It’s a bit like having a newborn again, in a way.  She is with me all of the time.  I love her to the death, and this is exactly what I want.  I want time with her, I want to invest in her life before she graduates and moves on, grows up.  So having her with me is lovely and wonderful and I truly do love every minute of it!  

I guess for me it’s a matter of figuring out the balance.  How to I maintain my self and stay healthy mentally?  How to I manage time so that I can have time and a conversation with my husband that doesn’t revolve around bedtime routines.  How do I fit in time for exercise, working on my next sewing pattern, spending time with my sister, my mom, my best friend, for this blog?  I honestly don’t know.  I sit in awe of others and wonder how they do it.  

sewing at www.thesoutherninstitute.com

Maybe you have some advice for me?  

In the meantime, I enjoyed this segment that my friend Alli did on the Today Show last week. I’m trying to take their advice and realize that if everything on my holiday to-do list doesn’t get done it’s ok!  Maybe this will resonate with you too.


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  1. It’s so good to know I’m not alone. I have been pushing myself to grow my business and it has taken away time from my family and other things I enjoy and need. Thanks for sharing that video as well – spot on!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

    • Hi Jenn, I’m so glad that you commented. It’s good to know that there are others out there who are going through the same things, isn’t it? Whether it’s homeschool or work or school… whatever. It’s hard to find balance! I hope that you find some in your busy days and nights.

  2. Oh I wish I could give you a big hug! I am right there with you

    Being with my kids 24/7 every day – I sometimes crave alone time that never happens. I end up staying up late. i have no advice for you, because I just have to keep laying down the expectations I have and praying for God to help me. Day by day. All this will pass and we will look back and wonder how we did it, but also never regret the time spent.

    I love that you are doing what God called you to do.

    Now how in the world will I ever see you again? I miss you and pray you have a blessed Christmas whether you get it all done or not! xoxo

    • Lots of prayer, my friend, with the comfort of knowing that I am being obedient to Him. I know I will never regret it. So glad that I have friends like you who are walking this road too, Denise. Love you, friend, and look forward to seeing you again, in God’s timing. :)

  3. Jenny this is a great post and the life balance issue is something that I have struggled with the most. It’s an internal struggle of mom guilt, personal guilt, work guilt that I just can’t find the perfect answer for. 2014 is going to be better. I have found two books that have been helpful for me. Margin by Swenson and Love Does by Bob Goff. I haven’t made it through both of them yet, but what I have read is great. Love your blog :)

    • Hi Michelle, thank you so much for coming by and commenting! I hate that others struggle with this too, although i know that so many women (especially mothers) do. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. I’m praying that 2014 will be better too. I always go into the new year optimistically and having gained wisdom from the previous year. It’s a life process, I think. I’d like to check out those books! I’m going to check out the local library and see if they have them. Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. Kellie Snyder says:

    It can be so hard, can’t it?! There are some days that I see that bus driving down the road and get a little wistful. And then I realize that they’re bringing kids home that have been gone since before I got up that morning. It’s crazy, love/dislike relationship I have with hsing. There can be so much pressure and not so much room for outlet. The one thing I’ve realized over the years that ‘balance’ doesn’t look like I thought it would. For me it’s not fitting everything in every day. There are days and weeks that I don’t get to go out or be creative, but then the next few are filled with creativity and less house maintenance. I have yet to figure out if this is ‘healthy’ or not. Everything balances out when I look at the really big picture, but I want so badly for it to balance on a daily or even weekly basis. I’m glad that you are enjoying hsing and know that it was the right thing for you. That is one thing that you can hang onto. If you know that this was right, then you can ask the Lord how all the other stuff is supposed to fit in around it. And if other stuff is not supposed to fit right now that he would give you the wisdom, peace, and grace to let go of it for now. It’s so good and so difficult. Hopefully, the busyness has slowed down for you now that the holidays are past. I hope you and the family had a wonderful season!!!

    • You are so right, Kellie. Asking the Lord how all of the other stuff fits in has to be key. I’m afraid I don’t do that enough. I’m a take charge kind of person and often make decisions without consulting him first. He will have to be the one to give me the wisdom and especially the grace to let go what he wants me to let go of, no matter how uncomfortable that might be for me. Trusting him is so important, isn’t it? Btw, one of the things that is constantly on my “to-do” list is to call you, lol! I’m thankful for your friendship here in this online space, Kellie!

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