What I Love About Being a Parent: Jennifer Cooper

Everyone who is a parent knows that it’s a full-time job, except that we don’t get paid with money, do we? There’s overtime (don’t even bother calling out sick), and the people who you manage can be, how shall I say, a challenge? I think we can all agree, however, that having someone who calls you “Mom” is one of the best things in the world.

Throughout the month of April, I’m teaming up with my friend Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play to celebrate the joys of parenting. Consider it a prelude to Mother’s Day. We’ve asked some of our readers to share what they love most about parenting. Each week, we’ll hear from one of them.

Today I’m Jennifer’s guest at Classic Play, and we’re kicking off the celebration here at The Southern Institute with Jennifer…

Jennifer Cooper: What I Love About Parenting

I know it’s all mushy and gushy to say that you love being a parent but the truth is I really do. Okay, maybe not every day. But most days absolutely. I think what I love most about being a parent is watching my children grow into their own people. Their senses of humor, the things they find interesting, all of it is completely them. Their personalities. It’s incredible. I love watching them unfold and take in the world.

Jennifer Cooper is a writer and doodler who dabbles in video production. She got her start in the world of education and continues to explore the relationship between parents and their children and what they can teach each other. She’s worked with PBS, Anorak Children’s Magazine, and Disney.


  1. Jen says:

    I am thrilled to be hosting this series with you Jenny! When I was about 10 or so I wrote down a list of qualities I wanted to possess as a parent when I grew up (no doubt in a fit over being sent to my room to think about my actions, ha!) and on the list, I put that I would respect my kids.

    I think it’s often easy to forget that kids are trying to figure out how to be our kids, just as much as we are trying to figure out how to be their parents. Both of us will mess up and get it wrong from time to time, both of us will press each other’s buttons like no one else can, but there is so much joy; far more joy when you remember to look for it. It’s something I hope I never forget to see and celebrate.

  2. Lovely series. I’m all for focusing on the good positive parts of parenthood.

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