A Mid Summer Party.

A Midsummer Party

Although I homeschool Abby, she spent last year attending a homeschool tutorial program, which was a huge blessing and just exactly what she needed. Honestly, it was an answer to my prayers. As moms, we can all remember what it was like to be a middle school girl. So much revolved around our friendships- they were a huge part of our lives, weren’t they? My prayer has been that Abby would find friends that shared her beliefs and interests, friends that she could grow with during the middle school and high school years, friends that I felt good about her spending time with. Last year she made those kinds of friends, but the end of the year was bittersweet, as half of the girls in her small class are moving on to another program with her, but half are going to be attending other programs. I wanted to give them a chance to get together this summer, so Abby and I decided to have a mid summer party for her and her friends. Happily, all but two were able to make it, but they were certainly missed!

FG spread

I wanted this party to be special for the girls. After all, they are a pretty unique group. They are the sweetest, kindest twelve year old girls I know. Feather Grey Party Shop was kind enough to send the party supplies for our little get together, and they were absolutely perfect for the occasion! The Pink Sparkle Party plates and napkins were just girly enough for Abby without being over the top, and I though the they were just right for a middle school party. They had a little bit of sparkle, were not at all childish, and the pink and gold suited a summer theme beautifully. There were adorable paper straws with stars on them, and pink and gold glittered circle confetti for the table…perfect!

FG supplies

The first thing that the girls did was to make their own ice cream float treats (ala Handmade Charlotte) called Flonanzas. I got the recipe from Rachel Faucett’s new Good Housekeeping TV class called Class In a Box. These were AMAZING!!! The girls loved them, and I can vouch for the fact that they were the most delicious and refreshing, fruity summertime treat I’ve had in a long time. We’ve made them again since the party- they’re that good!

Making Flonanzas | www.thesoutherninstitute.com

Doesn’t this look sooooo good? There’s that cute straw I mentioned earlier. It was perfect for the Flonanza treats!


After nearly making themselves sick on ice cream floats, the girls got busy making friendship bracelets for each other. Abby and I had gone to the store and bought a variety of bright, fun colors of embroidery floss for this little project. It was a great activity for the girls to do as they sat around the table and talked about how goofy boys are, laughed, and ate sugar cookies. I stayed out of the way like a good mom should (eavesdropping), smiling to myself, and remembering what it was like to be a twelve year old girl, laughing with my best friend. It made me so glad that I had taken the time to make this a special afternoon for Abby.

friendship bracelets

I snapped a few pics of the girls fooling around with the photo booth props that Feather Gray sent us to play with. They were cracking themselves up.

Feather Grey photo props

Soon enough, the moms started to come to pick up their daughters. The girls hugged and said their goodbyes and us moms promised to get them together again before school started. I’m looking forward to many more fun times with these girls!

Thanks to Feather Grey Party Shop for sending the party supplies for our Mid Summer Party! They were just perfect! Please visit their shop to see more…they have several different themes for children and grown ups alike.

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