Essential Oil Blends for Babies.

Essential Oil Blends for Babies//
Essential oils are gaining momentum among those who lean towards alternative health options as well as among traditional doctors. I am so excited to hear about more practitioners of western medicine who are working with their patients to find natural health options. The great thing about essential oils is that they are wonderful for the whole family because people of any age can benefit from them. That’s one reason why they make a perfect baby shower gift!

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I am part of an amazing community of women who rally and support one another like nothing I have ever seen. This Baby of Mine is a virtual shower for our dear friend Amy of This Heart of Mine. We wanted to shower her with love and congratulations on her newest addition even though we live all over the country. Our posts are full of great ideas for sending love and help to a friend with a new baby, even when you live far away. I wanted to send Amy a few ready-made essential oil blends that she could use for common newborn problems, as well as a blend for her. I decided on these three roller bottle blends to start…

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The Happy Mama blend is a combination of dōTERRA’s Serenity and Balance blends. It smells divine! These two blends together are so grounding and calming. If you’ve had a newborn you know that sometimes you just want to throw in the towel. While babies are a gift, to be sure, they are also a whole lot of work and completely exhausting. I hope this blend makes Amy feel like she is doing something special for herself, just by applying it to her wrists or the back of her neck and smelling the wonderful aroma.

The Happy Ears blend is for baby’s earache. It’s a combination of lavender and melaleuca oils, mixed with fractionated coconut oil. It is to be rolled on behind the ears, where you would see a hearing aid. It can help provide relief from ear pain.

The Happy Baby blend is a bedtime massage blend. It is made of lavender and roman chamomile, mixed with fractionated coconut oil, and can be used to give baby a relaxing massage before bedtime.

The Happy Bum Blend pictured in the top photo is great for, you guessed it, diaper rash! It is made with Aloe juice, lavender and melaleuca oils, and fractionated coconut oil. I love that it’s a spray. As a spray it’s not necessary to touch skin that is already tender because of diaper rash. The melaleuca is anti-fungal which is a big win when you are dealing with a moist, warm environment like a diaper is at times.

I cannot wait to send these off to Amy and her precious new baby! I’m including a bar of dōTERRA’s Citrus Bliss soap for her as well…just for her. It smells so lovely and the perfect pick me up scent in the mornings. Or afternoons…you know how it is as a mom of a newborn. You take a shower whenever you can get one, right?

*All of the oils used in these blends are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from dōTERRA. These are the oils that I trust on my family’s skin and diffuse into the air that we breathe. They are amazing, which is why I love to share them with friends! I know Amy’s going to love them because she can trust that they are safe to use on her baby’s tender skin. I used only oils that are safe for babies and I used recommended dilution rates, as recommended by certified aromatherapists.

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See what all of the other guests have put together for the This Baby of Mine Virtual Baby Shower. All of these are great ideas for the new moms in your life!

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