Essential Oils for Babies.

The Oily Kitchen Essential Oils Recipe Cards at
I know a whole lot of people who are using essential oils right now! There is a reason why. It’s not the reason you might think. You’re thinking it’s just a fad, which is what it appears to be, but people have been using essential oils for centuries! The reason so many people are turning to them now is because they work! They are effective and they are gentle and people are taking control of their health. They like that a lot! And so do I.

There are a lot of mothers who are turning to essential oils to treat things that their babies are suffering from, like teething and colic, gas pains and even cradle cap. They have found that their babies get great comfort from the oils! A lot of mothers are not sure which oils to use, however, so I did some research and put together a PDF of essential oil “recipes” for babies. These “recipes” show which oils to use for the common cold, for example, and how to use them. Now, I’m not a doctor, and nor do I pretend to be one. I only know what has worked for myself, my children, and countless others. I’m quite confident that they will work for you too. This is not medical advice in any way, shape, or form, so please do not take it as such.

The fun thing about this PDF is that it is laid out so that you cut it along the four light gray lines which divide it into nine cards: a cover, seven recipe cards, and a glossary. You can punch holes in the top corners, put them on a ring, and stick them in your purse, or hang them on a hook in your medicine cabinet, which is now full of all of the essential oils that have replaced your OTC meds, right? If it’s not, I’d love to share more with you about how essential oils have changed and helped the way we approach health in our family.

If you know someone who would be interested in the Essential Oils for Babies Recipe Cards please send them my way! I’d love to be able to help them.

Jesus, In Spite of Me.

Jesus and motherhood

There are days when I feel like I am failing miserably. I feel overwhelmed by all of the “stuff”. I have three kids at three different schools, essentially, one of them home schooled and attending a tutorial two days a week. I’m not going to list all of the daily “to-do’s. We all have our lists, don’t we? We feel like driving services, cleaning services, cooks, nurses, launderers, teachers, psychologists, coaches, etc., etc., every day, all day long. It gets to be a lot.

I fear many times that I don’t represent Jesus to my children very well. Jesus wouldn’t raise his voice at them. He wouldn’t threaten to throw away all of their toys because they didn’t pick them up. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t tell my boys every so often that they were acting like spoiled brats. And he wouldn’t have to apologize to them for losing his temper and then ask their forgiveness. He wouldn’t have to do that, but I do…more than I care to admit.

Praise the Lord my children see Jesus in me despite my mistakes and many failings, and he graciously (oh so graciously) gives me glimpses of how my own children see me, and it humbles me and brings me to my knees. Yesterday Luke brought a paper home from church with him.

One of the questions on the paper was…How do you see Jesus?
And Luke’s answer was… I look in my mom’s heart.

When I read that my heart swelled, not with pride but with gratefulness. I’m so thankful that God works through me and that my children see Jesus in me even though I fall short on a daily basis. I don’t pretend to know how that works except that I know that I love the Lord and my children with all of my heart and I know that God honors that. He looks at the heart too. God can look past my ugly exterior and see my heart, and he has given my sweet seven year old son the ability to do that too. I don’t deserve this, but that’s what makes it so precious.

So I encourage you, keep on loving your kids! When you mess up, let them know that you know you made a mistake and that you treasure them and that you’re sorry, so very sorry. Let them see that mommies are people too, and that people are selfish sometimes and can hurt each other’s feelings, and that it’s not okay to do that. Let them know that’s not how God wants us to treat one another. Continue to seek Him. Continue to lean on Him and draw on his strength, because moms, we cannot do this alone. It’s hard work, but he will equip us and he will even love our children through us! Isn’t that amazing? It amazes me.

DIY Ninja Costumes.

Maybe you’re getting a little bit anxious because Halloween is right around the corner and you don’t have a costume for your little ghoul yet. That’s where I was at this point in the month a couple of years ago, but lucky for me Luke and Levi wanted to be Ninjas! You know I’m all about making things EASY.  The most popular post on my blog is my DIY Superhero cape tutorial which requires no sewing at all.  Apparently there are other moms out there who likes things easy too because it has been pinned thousands of times!  I thought I’d share another super easy costume idea with you all (and it’s no-sew too!)…

My boys love ninjas, so when they asked if we could buy ninja costumes I said what every craft blogger would say, “No…but we can make them!”  So I set out to find the pieces that I would need, black pants and black shirts (because ninjas are stealthy).  You can sew the shirt or pants yourself if you are so inclined, you’ll find a great pants tutorial here and an awesome shirt pattern here.  For the sake of time, I went to Walmart and bought the shirts and pants super cheap.  I spent about $13 on each boy’s costume… not bad compared to store bought ninja costumes that will run you well over $20 each!

All you need to make awesome ninja costumes is a pair of black pants (soft and comfy is the name of the game) and two long sleeved black t-shirts.  What makes the outfit is the “hood”.  It’s created by one of the long-sleeved t-shirts, by tying it around your child’s head like so…

This could not be easier to do.  Your boys will think you are the coolest when you show them how to make a ninja hood out of a t-shirt!  Paired with the black pants and black long-sleeved t-shirt you have the perfect ninja outfit.  I would suggest putting the clothes on first, then the doing the hood.  If you want to you can create a throwing star to accessorize!  I cut two out of cardboard and painted them with a few coats of silver spray paint.

Here’s Levi, my littlest ninja!

DIY Ninja Costume Tutorial at

DIY Ninja Costume at
DIY Ninja at

Levi thinks he is the absolute coolest in this outfit!  I love that it’s an easy dress up play outfit and that he can wear the pieces by themselves any day of the week!  Bonus! One thing to remember is that if this costume is being worn on Halloween, and you trick or treat after dark, you will definitely need to add some reflective tape.  I think it would look cool integrated into the outfit by adding some to the bottom of the shirt and a stripe down each side of the pant legs.  That way your little ninja will be visible while he’s out knocking on doors.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great time with this costume and don’t forget to check out more Halloween projects at The Southern Institute.