Sponsor Love: Trendy Tummy Maternity.

Summer can be a really fun time of the year in the fashion world… but if you’re pregnant, mostly you just feel hot and uncomfortable.  That doesn’t lead one to feel their most attractive.  My sister is expecting a baby this fall and is starting to feel the heat of summer taking it’s toll.  She looks beautiful, of course!  And somehow she manages to look stylish too.  I’ve been trolling a new-to-me online maternity shop and have found some really great things that I think you’re going to love if you happen to be blessed with a baby on the way!  Seriously, I don’t remember anything like this when I was pregnant!  Maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right places?   Trendy Tummy Maternity is one of those shops that wants to help pregnant women feel beautiful.  Trendy Tummy Maternity offers a wide selection of maternity dresses for all occasions including formal maternity dresses and evening wear.  They also carry stylish maternity hospital gowns and organic pregnancy skincare.  Basically they have everything that you need to feel comfortable and beautiful for all nine months and beyond!  These maternity maxi dresses are GORGEOUS!

I love this maxi skirt too.  The Summer of No Pants isn’t just for those of us non-preggers, you know!  A comfortable skirt is one of the best things a pregnant woman can own in the summer!.

And what about your stay at the hospital?  If you are having a hospital birth, who says that you have to wear one of their blah hospital gowns that who knows how many other women have worn?  Trendy Tummy Maternity has the most adorable hospital gowns… bring your own!


If you’re pregnant and in need of something stylish to wear this summer, or even this fall and winter, visit Trendy Tummy Maternity.  You’ll have fun looking around their website… there’s so much to see!



Save With Wittlebee!

Wittlebee wants to help to stretch those tax dollars this month, so they are offering a great deal!


 I am an affiliate for Wittlebee and earn a commission for each new member.

Wittlebee Has a Gift For Moms!

A few Southern Institute readers have taken advantage of my affiliate, Wittlebee, an amazing kid’s clothing club.  Have you checked out Wittlebee?  Here’s the scoop… Wittlebee takes the ick out of shopping with your little one.  Instead of dragging your toddler or preschooler out to the mall where the impending meltdown awaits, how would you like to have their clothing delivered right to your front door?  This is what Wittlebee does!  You sign up with Wittlebee (you can pause or cancel at any time), fill out a style profile for your child, and they do the rest, choosing brand name clothing for you, boxing it up (approx. 6 different items), and sending it to your door.  You get over $100 (retail) of high quality kid’s clothing for $39.99 a month, and no more meltdowns (priceless)!

And just for you, Southern Institute friends, visit Wittlebee by clicking through any link in this post and get $10 off your first order!

Wittlebee also has a special promo through the end of September… order today, enter the code GIFTCARD during checkout, and Wittlebee will send you a $25 gift card to Sephora!  Isn’t that a nice little perk? Here are some of the brands you’ll find wrapped up in your Wittlebee box… and they are adding more designer brands all of the time.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for Wittlebee today!