Mod Podge Rocks! Peel and Stick Stencils.

When Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks fame asked if I would share about her new Mod Podge Rocks! Peel and Stick Stencils, I didn’t have to think twice. Amy is an amazing woman and an old blogging friend of mine. She is actually one of the first bloggers that I met in real life and I was taken with her fun style and creativity.

With our journey into essential oil use and the collection that I am acquiring, I needed something to keep all of those cute little bottles in. I went to Michael’s and bought one of those cheap little boxes with the gold clasp in the front. Like this…

wooden box

My DoTerra essential oil bottles fit perfectly inside the box. I have a few oils that I bought from Whole Foods before I was introduced to DoTerra. They came in bigger bottles, and they even fit just right.

Doterra essential oils at The Southern Institute ||

But how BORING is that box? I knew exactly what it needed! Glitter, of course! How about gold to match the little gold clasp? And how to apply the glitter? With Amy’s Mod Podge Rocks! Peel and Stick Stencils and Mod Podge Spouncer Applicators.

Peel and stick stencils take most of the human error out of stenciling. You literal just peel them off of the backing and stick them onto the surface that you want to stencil. I wasn’t sure how well it would adhere to the wooden box, seeing how porous it is, but the stencil held quite well! It would do better on a non-porous surface such as glass or plastic, but I was quite happy with how it turned out. I used the Starlite design, but you can choose from five others, including a really cool wood grain design. The spouncer makes it easy to apply the Mod Podge. Once you are finished with the stencil, just rinse it clean and allow it to dry. It’s good for up to 20 uses!

EO Box front2

The glitters are totally fun to work with. They come in a little poof bottle that you squeeze. The glitter comes out of the tiny nozzle tip, landing right where you want it to land. It cuts down on waste and mess too, which I love. I was amazed at how much glitter was in the small bottle…it’s only about 2 inches long!

EO box top

Now my precious DoTerra oils have a beautiful, sparkly home. They have become something that we use on a daily basis, so it’s nice to open a fun little box every time I reach for the oils.

EO Box front

I was given product for free to review. As always, opinions and honest and my own. Thanks for reading today!

What’s Cool Right Now? PBS Parents Crafts for Kids!

Recently, my friend Caroline (who has been a contributor here at The Southern Institute for quite some time) began working for PBS Parents website, creating an awesome video series called Crafts for Kids.  Have you seen them?

Caroline has a lovely way of showing how to encourage creativity in your children.  These videos are fun, quick, and totally doable!  Watch out Martha Stewart, because most of us moms don’t have the energy to round up a gazillion items or make trips to the hobby store to stock up on supplies.  We need fun projects that can be made with things that we already have around the house.  That’s what the Crafts for Kids videos give us.  One week there was a DIY Rocket…


Another week, she shared a DIY Water Bottle Boat.  The kids and I made some of our own and took them to the local creek. The water was a bit low that day, but we still had fun with them.

You can subscribe to the Youtube channel or Salsa Pie Blog to keep see when the weekly Crafts for Kids videos come out.  You’ll love them!

Babbabox Kitchen Science.

Babbabox ||

image source

I take on very few affiliates on my blog, and the few that I do take are companies that I really get behind because I have tried their products, or I currently use them and love them.  One of the products that you can find on my side bar is Babbabox, a favorite of my children, for sure!  Babbabox is a subscription activity box for kids ages 3-6 years old.  Each box is themed and always includes great activities that are specifically designed with young children in mind.  In May we got their Kitchen Science box delivered to our door.  It wasn’t the first Babbabox that we’ve gotten, so I knew what to expect.  The boys were really excited about it!  They had a ton of fun making their first Oozing Volcano!  This is a classic kid’s activity.  One that every child should do, that sadly I had NEVER DONE!  Can you believe that?

Here Luke is squirting the red food coloring into the vinegar and soap to make the lava red.

Babbabox Kitchen Science ||

Now the fun begins!  The volcano starts to ooze and the boys are amazed!

Babbabox Kitchen Science ||

Babbabox Kitchen Science ||

Abby got into some kitchen science too, making magic mud with corn starch and water.  This is just the coolest thing the way it acts!  Have your kids ever tried it?

Babbabox Kitchen Science ||

Babbaboxes are so much fun to do.  They encourage learning and creativity.  Plus, the kids get so enthusiastic when they see that something has come in the mail just for them!  Who wouldn’t?  You can see another post about our Sun, Moon, and Stars Babbabox here.  We had a really great time making our own constellation with light sensitive paper.

If you’d like to try Babbabox for yourself, you can use this link to get 20% off of your 1st month of a monthly membership.  Babbaco offers a digital membership, Babbabox, and Babbabox premium.  Just use the code 1st20off when you order!