She’s Worth It!

We are blessed, aren’t we?  Most of us live very comfortable lives and lack for nothing.  We have to do without some of the creature comforts every once in a while, but most of us are never really in need.  Certainly none of us are so much in need that we would even give any consideration to selling ourselves or our children into slavery.  Yet for many people across the globe it does come to that.  The unthinkable becomes a reality. was created to raise awareness and funds for organizations that fight human trafficking and slavery, and a group of bloggers have come together to help.  They are making gifts to deliver to women and girls who are rehabilitating from this forced sexual slavery. Bracelets that let them know they are loved. Zipper pouches to show them someone cares.  And I am joining them.  Will you join us too?  Between now and the end of March, will you find a morning or an afternoon to make a bracelet or a zipper pouch?  

I made this fabric cuff to be sent to a woman or girl who desperately needs to know that she is loved, just for who she is, and in spite of what has been done to her.  She has worth, because she was created in the image of God.

Along with the bracelets and zipper pouches, we’re also asking that you donate $10. Just $10. Your $10 will be helping fund two projects we fully believe in. (If you can’t donate, we’d still love for you to make something!)

  1. Father’s House: a safe house for children in Cambodia who are at risk for being trafficked. This home is run by In His Steps International. You can read more about it here.
  2. The Sewing Project: we’ll be raising money for a group of mothers in an Indian village who have been freed from the sex industry and are learning sewing as a trade! The funds will also help hire a social worker to help them with them with rehabilitation. This project is run by Indian Rescue Mission.

A donation is not required to make a bracelet or a pouch and you are not required to make anything… you can just donate if that is what you can do.

I’ll try to post the tutorial for this fabric cuff by the end of this weekend.  It takes almost no time at all to put together, and it makes a beautiful statement.   We’d love for you to join us and show that you believe that She’s Worth It too!

10 Days 10 Lives Clean Water Challenge: Day 9!

When you give clean water,

not only do you give life,

you give  life full of possibilities…

Click here to give today.


10 Days 10 Lives Clean Water Challenge: Day 8.

It’s Day 8 of the 10 Days 10 Lives campaign and I’m so excited to announce that our team has met and exceeded our goal of bringing clean water to 100 people in Haiti… for the rest of their lives!  Can you imagine how their lives will be changed?  With two days left of our campaign I would like to ask you a question…

What are you willing to spend $25 on?


Here are a few things that our family might spend $25 on:

  • Dinner for 5 at our favorite burrito joint.
  • A cute new shirt for me from Target.
  • New pants for Levi for the family portrait.
  • One (at least) Starbuck Mocha every week.
  • Supplies to make the boys’ ninja Halloween Costumes.
  • Date night at the movies (and that doesn’t even count dinner before the movie!).

The list could go on and on.

What are you willing to spend $25 on.  If you did not have access to it would you be willing to spend $25 to get access to clean water for the rest of your life?  Is a lifetime of clean water for a fellow human in need worth $25?  If it is, then click here and change a life right this very minute!  There is nothing more fulfilling than making a difference in someone’s life!