How We’re Using Essential Oils Right Now: Oregano Oil

how we used oregano essential oil at The Southern Institute

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I make a commission from your purchase. Thank you for supporting The Oily Institute! When we started using DoTerra essential oils I had no idea how powerful oregano … [Continue reading]

Our Afternoon at Little Seed Farm.

Little Seed Farm owners James and Eileen, pictured with their son, Abby and Levi, and our friend Nyah.

I first heard of Little Seed Farm at our local Kroger Grocery Store. Unexpected? Yes, because Little Seed Farm is a local goat farm right outside of Nashville, TN. At a major chain grocery store. Not something that you normally see. Little Seed … [Continue reading]

Scripture Memorization With Armed With Truth.

Armed with Truth at

As a Christian, scripture memorization is something that has always been hard for me. I have a terrible memory, and giving birth to three kids has done nothing to help with that. In our homeschooling day, we have Bible study time and have worked on … [Continue reading]

The Family Spring Cleanse!

The Family Spring Cleanse at

Are you tired of your children begging for junk foods? Does processed packaged food always seem to find a way back into your kitchen? Are you feeling like you need to do a diet clean up? Now is a great time to clean things up a bit. Spring … [Continue reading]

The Sew Fab Pattern Tour: Sew Very, Our Family Four, and Casa Crafty.

The Sew Fab Pattern Tour at

It's the very last day of the Sew Fab Pattern Sale! That means today is our last day for the Sew Fab Pattern Tour too. I'm sad to see this series come to an end… I've had so much fun seeing what all of the amazing bloggers on the tour have made … [Continue reading]