What I Love About Being a Parent: Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper: What I Love About Parenting

Everyone who is a parent knows that it's a full-time job, except that we don't get paid with money, do we? There's overtime (don't even bother calling out sick), and the people who you manage can be, how shall I say, a challenge? I think we can all … [Continue reading]

The Oliver + S Hide and Seek Dress.

Hide and Seek dress from Oliver + S sewn by The Southern Institute

If you are a fan of Oliver + S sewing patterns than you were waiting with bated breath for the spring pattern release last week. I hope you weren't disappointed! Three new patterns were revealed: The Hide and Seek Dress and Tunic (pictured above), … [Continue reading]

Anna Maria Horner Museum Tunic Tutorial.

Museum Tunic tutorial by www.thesoutherninstitute.com

Headband by Lori Danelle Awhile back I posted this tutorial for how to make the Anna Maria Horner Museum Tunic, then for some reason the photos in that post along with many other photos in many other posts vanished! I could not figure out where … [Continue reading]

Essential Sewing Reference Tool: Review and Giveaway!

Essential Sewing Reference Tool review by www.thesoutherninstitute.com

This giveaway is over. Congratulations to Laureen, the winner of the Essential Sewing Reference Giveaway! When I started sewing for real, about five or six years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about what I was doing. I had never taken a … [Continue reading]

What I’m Learning About Essential Oils.

using essential oils by http://thesoutherninstitute.com

I'm no expert on essential oils, except for being an expert on our experiences with them. I have a reference book that I use called Modern Essentials, and I've done research on the internet, but the information out there is overwhelming. One thing … [Continue reading]