Sew Fab FAQs.

The Sew Fab Pattern Sale at

Thank you so much for visiting the Sew Fab FAQ Page.  Whenever a sale like Sew Fab takes place there are bound to be questions that come up and issues that arise.  I hope to address most of those in advance right here.  If your question is not answered here please contact and put “technical assistance” in the subject line.


Can I buy the bundle after the sale is over?

Once the sale is over it’s over.  There will be no late sales and each particular collection of patterns will never be available together again.  Make sure you don’t procrastinate… We’d hate for you to miss such an amazing deal!

How will I receive my patterns?

After purchasing the bundle a pop-up window will immediately appear that will list all of the pattern links.  You will also receive a “Thank You” email with a link to all of the patterns.  Patterns are downloaded as PDF files.

I didn’t receive my email with my download links

Make sure you are checking the email account that is associated with your Paypal address as this is the email that your download links will be sent to.  Also check your junk/email folder.  If you still cannot find your links, please email with “technical assistance” in the subject line.

Viewing your patterns

Patterns are best viewed through Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here.
If you are viewing a pattern in your computer’s preview mode and text is not showing up correctly, you will need to download the Adobe Reader to view it correctly.

Will my patterns expire?

Each pattern has it’s own link.  There are a couple of patterns that have two links (instructions and actual pattern).  Each download link is valid for nine download attempts, so please be sure to save your new patterns to your computer before your five download attempts have been used.  The bundle will not remain in the system past 12 weeks, so you must download your patterns within those 12 weeks.  I cannot stress enough the importance of saving your files to your computer!  If you really want to be safe back them up on a hard drive… you never know what might happen.  If your computer crashes and you lose all of your pattern you’ll be so sad!

What if I have a question about a pattern or an issue with a pattern?

If you have a question about a pattern in regards to fit, instructions, what fabric is best to use, etc., please contact the individual designer.  The administrator of the sale will direct you to the individual pattern designers if contacted regarding questions pertaining to sewing.  See “Customer Service” for questions regarding technical problems.


Due to the nature of the sale there are no returns allowed.

Customer Service

If you have technical problems with your bundle purchase (i.e. the pop up window does not appear and/or you do not receive the email with the link to your downloads) please email and include “technical assistance” in the subject line.  I can resend the “Thank You” email with a link to the patterns up to twelve weeks after the sale.  You will be required to provide the Paypal address used to purchase the bundle in order to resend the link.


*Please do not share files.  Please contact individual patterns/designers to inquire about licensing requirements if you desire to create and sell clothing from patterns that have been purchased through this sale.