Tutorial: Make a Cardboard Clock.

 Hello Southern Institute readers! In Sweden our summer vacation draws to a close. We’ll soon be back at work and school, and to celebrate autumn we decided to make a new cardboard clock. Let us show you how easy it is!

You’ll need a piece of cardboard, white paper, hobby paints, a paint brush, a pen, scissors, gluestick and a clockwork.

1. We want our cardboard clock to look like a house, we sketched it out on a paper and cut it out. If you’d like to do a clock like ours you can download a pdf template here.

2. Freja decided to draw in more details, and then she painted the house with hobby paint. We prefer to use hobby paint. It is more expensive than say, watercolors, but the colors are beautiful, bright and they cover well.

3. When the paint has dried, glue the house on to the cardboard. Make sure to get plenty of glue in corners and on edges.

4. Let the glue dry, then cut out the house.

5. It’s now time to mount the clockwork. Make a hole in the middle of the clock-face, with scissors or some other sharp tool, and fit the clockwork according to the instructions provided.

That’s it! Since the clock is made of cardboard it’s both lightweight and inexpensive.

We couldn’t stop doing just one. The green one got a nice patterned paper and a white clock-face. The flower is a picture cut from a magazine. The blue clock is made of a newsprint glued to the cardboard, and it has a small window made of aluminum foil.

Hope you enjoy our first post here at the Southern Institute.
Happy crafting from Karin & Freja at Pysselbolaget.se!