Autumn Bliss.

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A dear friend of mine, Denise Thompson, and friend Lori Ramsey have released the perfect eBook for fall.  It’s called Autumn Bliss, and if fall is your favorite season then you are going to LOVE this book.  Autumn Bliss is 129 pages of encouragement, fall decorating ideas, inspiring quotes, scripture from the Bible, fall recipes, and so much more.  

Autumn Bliss is the only book that you’ll need this season.  It contains so many great ideas!  There is no way that you won’t find at least several things that you’ll love.  It’s written from a Christian perspective, so if you’d prefer a book with a secular slant, then you may not like that aspect of it, but aside from the Christian theme there is so much to be taken from this book.  

Are you planning a Harvest Party?  Need ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, drinks, and food?  Look no further because it’s all here, including directions for leaf placemats and pumpkin bowling, and a recipe for Cashew Caramel Corn. 

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I love the idea of making fall scented playdough and Autumn Bliss tell you how.


This is such a lovely book.  Denise and Lori have done a wonderful job putting together something that will help you to remember to slow down and enjoy this time of year before the rush of the holidays takes a hold.  Autumn Bliss will have you wanting to curl up with your family while enjoying the coziness and beauty of the fall season.  I love it and I think you will too.  You can find it on Amazon for only $3.99.

Eleven Incredible Egg Decorating Ideas!

Each year around this time I scramble (no pun intended) to find some good egg decorating ideas. Eggs are just about the most inspiring things for any person to get crafty with, and there are literally endless ways to decorate  and dye them. But friends, I’m here to save you some trouble today because I’m am going to provide you a list of links to some pretty incredible egg decorating ideas. You can get your pinning and bookmarking finger ready because this one is a keeper! Are you ready? Are you set? Here you go!

Eleven Incredible Egg Decorating Ideas:

  1. You’ve seen crayons melted to make crazy crayons but have you ever seen crayons melted to decorate eggs? Here are some that are stunningly gorgeous.
  2. How about a yarn craft? Here are some awesome yarn eggs!
  3. These wool felted eggs are so beautiful that I would decorate with them all year long.
  4. Not into dying eggs? We made these mini egg crowns for our eggs and they were royally fun.
  5. It doesn’t get cooler than tie dye Easter eggs. Seriously, these are amazing!
  6. I had no idea that herbs and onion skins could make eggs look so beautiful!
  7. Miranda has some amazing ideas here and it’s no wonder since she’s such a talented artist!
  8. These Egg Dyeing and Drying Tips will leave you feeling like an expert.
  9. For this project you simply wrap rubber bands around your eggs then dye them. The effect is super cool!
  10. Want to make some paper eggs? How about turning them into bunnies? I love this idea!
  11. Here’s another egg-to-bunny idea with paper mache from Mollymoo.

Happy Egg Decorating everyone!


Dining Room Makeover Ideas: Dining Chairs and Tables.

Remember when I shared about our bathroom renovation?  Well, it’s coming along slowly.  My hubby is still gutting it right now, as the tile posed a bit more of a challenge than he expected.  Sheesh!  Who knew how hard it would be to get that tile out???  In the middle of all of that, I have gotten a little bit obsessed with trying to make our house look more like we want it to look, and I’ve been thinking about our dining room.  There’s nothing wrong with it, per say.  It’s just a bit blah.  Basically it contains one big table and six chairs right now.  That’s it.  Nothing on the white walls or anything.

The chairs are the same dining chairs that we bought over 10 years ago, from Restoration Hardware (back when we were silly enough to spend big dollars on dining room chairs).  At the time, we thought these upholstered chairs were beautiful, but now that we have three kids eating in those chairs, that upholstery has lost it’s charm.  Can you say stains?  Ugh, they just look gross now and I cannot get them clean!  I’m dreaming of comfortable dining chairs.  Dining chairs that are not covered in cloth!  My best friend has a big chunky table with chairs similar to this, and I love the mix of traditional and modern…

But how fun would these be?

  Both of these can be found at Tesco Direct, an online superstore, where you can find just about anything for your home!  I’m totally into thrifting and finding an unmatched set of chairs that I can paint with some chalk paint though… I just can’t decide!

As for our table, it’s from Tom’s parents and it’s awesome!  I love it!  It’s a big,sturdy farm table and it seats our family of five comfortably, but I’d really like to paint it.  Tom’s not so hot on the idea, but I would love to do something like this…

I’m kind of loving this yellow though. It’s so bright and cheery!

That one comes from Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime, and she shows you how to make your own chalk paint!  She did a great job.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about.  Tables and chairs… I haven’t even made it to the walls yet?

What style is your dining room?  Eclectic?  Modern?  Shabby Chic?

This is a sponsored post. All ideas and opinions are my own.