Rejuvenate Your Skin with Helichrysum Oil!


Helichrysum Oil is known as one of the best essential oils for skin. Helichrysum oil holds rejuvenating benefits that can help to promote a healthy-looking complexion. We all want that don’t we? With chemical components that can help improve the appearance of skin, Helichrysum oil is a wonderfully smart addition to any skin care regimen. One of the greatest benefits of Helichrysum oil is that it provides a safe, natural way to improve your skin. So many commercial cleansers and moisturizers on the market contain harmful toxins, but using a pure essential oil like Helichrysum to improve the skin allows you to keep your skin clean and protected.

Here are some ways that you can use Helichrysum to improve your skin:

- Dilute and rub helichrysum with myrrh onto wrinkles and stretch marks.
- Apply topically to scars and wounds to support the renewal of the skin.

Helichrysum is a go-to oil for wounds as well! Keep it in your Home First Aid or Travel First Aid Kits. Apply it topically to scrapes or cuts to help blood coagulate.

There are so many uses for Helichrysum Oil. It really is one of your skin’s best friends. Combine it with myrrh for anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal effects. Combine it with lavender for antibacterial, regenerative, soothing, analgesic, antihistamine, and astringent effects. Helichrysum blends beautifully with both of these essential oils as a lovely remedy for many skin issues.

I choose dōTERRA essential oils because of their high standard of quality and their sourcing practices. You can find them on my website at both retail and wholesale prices. I would LOVE to help you find the natural solutions your body needs to be well and whole. Please contact me for more information via the contact form.

How We Fared on the Family Cleanse.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.31.16 AM

Are you wondering what happened to our Family Cleanse? We completed it! Yes siree we did! I didn’t know how we were going to get through it in the beginning, but the more we got into it, the more I realized that it really wasn’t that far off from what we had been trying to do for the last several months. Although I’ll admit that we had let things slide a little. We were already eating mostly gluten-free, but we had a whole lot of gluten-free snack foods in our cabinets, and a lot of them contained sugar. I was shocked at how much white sugar our “healthy” snacks contained! Our cleanse menu meant that we were snacking in a different way… lots more fruits and veggies and homemade foods made with natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.

local eggs for breakfast at

Eating on the Family Cleanse was not that hard for the kids. I thought that not having the usual snacks available would make for whiney kids, but do you know that they didn’t even seem to notice that they were gone? Seriously! I have to give them so much credit! They were champs through the whole thing. When they asked for snacks, their choices were fresh fruits or carrots or maybe a gluten-free, dairy-free apple muffin or a raw granola bar…and they were totally happy with what I offered them. I am so proud of them! I did let them have a few dairy-free mini chocolate chips, however. :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.32.18 AM

We have been making a whole lot of amazing smoothies with spinach, avocado, chia seeds, ground flax seed, bananas, blueberries, cinnamon-oh my goodness they are so delicious! I also got back to making one of my favorite chia seed pudding recipes! Yum!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.41.46 PM

So, how did we feel by the end of the cleanse? Honestly, I didn’t feel much of a change in my physical health. I was hoping that I would see my headaches go away, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t feel any worse or any better. What I did notice is that my sugar cravings were greatly reduced. I just don’t have the desire for some of the things that I used to, like cookies and frappaccinos. I didn’t think that would ever happen! I also have cut out more dairy and now only have dairy in cheese, and a lot less of it than I used to eat! This means that my Starbucks visits are almost non-existent because they don’t offer almond or coconut milk, and I’m not a fan of soy milk.

Now that the cleanse is officially over I am pretty much sticking to it… well, about 75-80% I would say. I really LOVE to eat and I love to enjoy what I eat. If we go out to dinner I’m not going to go crazy, but I’ll get something that I want. To me it’s about eating a balanced, healthy, smart diet, and teaching my children about healthy eating habits.

The Family Spring Cleanse!

family spring cleanse

Are you tired of your children begging for junk foods?

Does processed packaged food always seem to find a way back into your kitchen?

Are you feeling like you need to do a diet clean up?

Now is a great time to clean things up a bit. Spring cleaning for your body! That’s why I am participating this new online program called, The Family Spring Cleanse, going on now through June 7th. I am super excited about this program because I have not seen anything like this before. Most cleanses are created with an individual person in mind, but this program was created with the FAMILY in mind. It is safe for everyone to participate, has delicious kid-friendly recipes, and has a simple step by step get started guide.

Let’s face it, we’re Moms, and we don’t have time to make separate food for everyone. We aren’t short order cooks! That’s why this program is perfect for busy Moms like us and our families. All recipes have been kid-tested so we don’t have to worry about trying to negotiate with our children to eat “weird” food.

Imagine your family happily eating nutritious whole foods and feeling satisfied with their new choices.

So, what is The Family Cleanse?

The Family Cleanse is a simple, easy to follow, 10 day cleanse program made with Families in mind. You will have a system to follow to help you save time, and you can get the process started as soon as you download the cleanse guide. You will also have some AMAZING support during this program – not only from me – but also from all of these fabulous bloggers:

For those of you who think cleansing might be way too hard to do, you have all these experts (though I am far from an expert, being that this is my first time eating this way) here to back you up and help you meet the challenge. It’s not only these bloggers that will be doing this program but many of our readers will be following along. We will have a special Facebook group for discussions about the challenge and a place to reach out to everyone for help and support! Being our first time, I’ve found the Facebook group to be so incredibly helpful!

There are two ways you can participate in this family cleanse program. I hope you’ll consider joining me (I’m doing the Premium Membership)… there’s strength in numbers, right? But really, it hasn’t been all that hard and I really feel great!

Option # 1 (Free)

Join us and make the commitment to clean up your diet for 10 days and get rid of processed packaged foods. Work on your own to create a meal plan full of healthy real food – heavy on the veggies, low on junk. You will receive:

  • Free Cleanse Guide: A free get started Cleanse Guide
  • A 10 Day Meal Plan Worksheet: An easy meal planning worksheet so you can plan your 10 days of clean eating
  • Giveaway: A chance to win one of our fabulous real food prizes

To enter this program for free & download the free guide click here

you will have the option to upgrade to the premium option anytime before May 28th.

Option # 2 – Premium Membership ($49)

You will receive:

  • Your Cleanse Guide: a 14 page step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to get started immediately. This fully customizeable program will fit any dietary restriction.
  • A Recipe Guide: You will have 51 recipes that are designed to be healthy and kid-friendly.
  • Daily Email Support: You will receive daily emails supporting you through this entire process.
  • A 10 Day Meal Plan Worksheet: This worksheet will help you customize your own personal meal plan based on the dietary needs of your family.
  • A Goal Setting Success Guide: This 10 page guide will help you get clear on why you are doing this cleanse, create your vision of the future to give you what you need to make your detox success last a lifetime.
  • Email access: for questions and support during the 10 days.
  • Life time Membership to our Private Facebook Group: a community forum for all participants to support each other through this process.
  • Giveaway: the change to win some fabulous real food prizes (giveaway opens up when the program begins).
  • And some other surprises!

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You’ll Also get these Bonus Discount Codes:

PLUS…these awesome bonus videos from Wardeh Harmon!

How to Make Cinnamon Honey Grain-free Granola

wardeh grain-free-granola

How to Make Fermented Fruit Leather

wardeh fermented fruit leather

How to Make Yogurt in a Dehydrator

wardeh yogurt-dehydrator

Are you ready to join me and clean up your family’s diet??

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$500+ of Giveaways

This program includes the chance to win one of these wonderful prizes from our sponsors. This giveaway is live right now!

family cleanse giveaway3

Also, as a participant of this program (free or paid) you are entitled to enter the giveaway for the chance to win some prizes from our real food sponsors! These are some of the things you can win by entering here:

  • 1 Quart of Gold label Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions ($40.00 Value)
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  • A copy of “Weeding Out The Wheat” eBook by Tricia Gilkerson ($9.95 Value)
  • A case of Raw Honey from Really Raw Honey ($100 value) – 6 winners!
  • A copy of “Healing Candida with Food,” and eBook by Paula Miller ($17.95 Value)
  • One Pound of Almond flour from

If you have any questions about this program please don’t hesitate to Contact Roxanne.

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