Teacher Appreciation.

As many of you know, this week is Teacher Appreciation week!  At our elementary school there are special teacher luncheons and breakfasts, and each class comes together to give their teacher a gift.  All of the children were asked to make a handmade card for their teacher… no spending of money involved in the card.  Many children also bring individual gifts for their teachers, although it’s not required.  I like for the kids to bring a personal thank you gift to their main teachers though… their teachers give so much of themselves throughout the year.  It only seems fitting to let them know that we love them and are thankful for the sacrifices that they make each day.

This year I have kind of fallen in love with succulents, and I thought that they would make a great gift for the kids teachers!  Succulents are pretty and only need to be watered every so often, so they can be kept on their desks in the classroom and not require much tending to throughout the year.  They are just there to bring some happiness and cheer.

I got these arrangements at the Home Depot for $6.98 each (I have to get one of these for myself!), which I thought was a really great price!  I love the variety of plants and the terracota pots.  I thought I could break out the paints that I had left over from the Handmade Charlotte Stencil project that I did, so I got them out and let them go to town.

They spent the longest time working on their teachers’ gifts!  They really put their hearts into them, which was so sweet.  Luke got brave with the colors.  He went for an abstract look, mixing colors, and letting them drip down the sides of the pot.  Abby’s design had much more planning involved (first born all the way).  They both turned out beautifully!  Their teachers are going to love them!

What kinds of things do you and your children do to show their teachers your appreciation?

Happy Halloween!

Just one Halloween project made from my Martha Stewart Crafts supplies.  It’s not my best work, but I think it’s really cute… and there’s an ice cream bowl to match.  I used the Martha Stewart black metallic glass paint, a spouncer, and the Martha Stewart adhesive stencils, which are so great.  I really love working with them.  I’ve had so much fun working with the Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies!

Happy Halloween!  

Be safe and don’t eat too much candy!

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Tutorial: Make a Cardboard Clock.

 Hello Southern Institute readers! In Sweden our summer vacation draws to a close. We’ll soon be back at work and school, and to celebrate autumn we decided to make a new cardboard clock. Let us show you how easy it is!

You’ll need a piece of cardboard, white paper, hobby paints, a paint brush, a pen, scissors, gluestick and a clockwork.

1. We want our cardboard clock to look like a house, we sketched it out on a paper and cut it out. If you’d like to do a clock like ours you can download a pdf template here.

2. Freja decided to draw in more details, and then she painted the house with hobby paint. We prefer to use hobby paint. It is more expensive than say, watercolors, but the colors are beautiful, bright and they cover well.

3. When the paint has dried, glue the house on to the cardboard. Make sure to get plenty of glue in corners and on edges.

4. Let the glue dry, then cut out the house.

5. It’s now time to mount the clockwork. Make a hole in the middle of the clock-face, with scissors or some other sharp tool, and fit the clockwork according to the instructions provided.

That’s it! Since the clock is made of cardboard it’s both lightweight and inexpensive.

We couldn’t stop doing just one. The green one got a nice patterned paper and a white clock-face. The flower is a picture cut from a magazine. The blue clock is made of a newsprint glued to the cardboard, and it has a small window made of aluminum foil.

Hope you enjoy our first post here at the Southern Institute.
Happy crafting from Karin & Freja at Pysselbolaget.se!