School Uniforms From Land’s End.

School is in full swing!  Around these parts the kids in public school must wear standard school attire, which is kind of a relaxed take on the school uniform.  School uniforms can vary a bit from school to school, but they are basically the same.  At our school, the kids must wear khaki, navy or black pants, skirts, or jumpers, with a collared shirt with buttons.  Polos are great, oxfords are perfect, pullover sweaters and cardigans are allowed, but all tops must be a solid color with no designs or logos.  The result is pretty cute I must say.

This is Luke’s first year at the elementary school.  He is a kindergartner now, so it was time to get some school uniforms for him.  Naturally, we went to Land’s End.  We have bought school uniforms for Abby at Target and Old Navy, but I’m telling you that nothing compares to Land’s End Quality and service.  It is incomparable!  We don’t mind spending a little bit more money of Land’s End clothing because we know that it will wear well, that it will last, and that Land’s End stands behind their products.  This is what keeps us happy Land’s End customers.

I let Luke pick out a sweater from the Land’s End website, and I chose the pants.  I wanted a pair of pants that would be easy for Luke to manage during bathroom breaks, so I chose a pair with and elastic waist.  The best feature about Land’s End boys pants are the reinforced “iron knees”, because let’s face it, boy’s need them!  I appreciate the thought that they put into that.  Luke chose a red v-neck sweater, which kind of surprised me.  Not the red part, but the v-neck part.  He was very sure that he wanted that v-neck and I think he made the right choice.

Is that a happy boy or what?  Seriously cute, seriously excited to be a kindergartner, and seriously loving his Land’s End clothes!

FTC regulations require me to disclose that I received this clothes free of charge from Land’s End.  All opinions are honest and my own.

The 1st Day of School!

Okay, okay, okay.  I know.  Every mom blogger does this, but I couldn’t resist.  It’s the obligatory 1st day of school post.  This year was special because Luke just started kindergarten!  You can see in the photos how excited he is about it.  He idolizes his big sis and couldn’t wait to be a part of her world at school.

I just cannot believe that there are where they are!  The last year of elementary school for Abby, and the 1st for Luke.  Emotional for this mom, I bet you can relate.

 Have your children started school yet?  How did it go?