10 Days 10 Lives Clean Water Challenge: Day 9!

When you give clean water,

not only do you give life,

you give  life full of possibilities…

Click here to give today.


10 Days 10 Lives Clean Water Challenge: Day 8.

It’s Day 8 of the 10 Days 10 Lives campaign and I’m so excited to announce that our team has met and exceeded our goal of bringing clean water to 100 people in Haiti… for the rest of their lives!  Can you imagine how their lives will be changed?  With two days left of our campaign I would like to ask you a question…

What are you willing to spend $25 on?


Here are a few things that our family might spend $25 on:

  • Dinner for 5 at our favorite burrito joint.
  • A cute new shirt for me from Target.
  • New pants for Levi for the family portrait.
  • One (at least) Starbuck Mocha every week.
  • Supplies to make the boys’ ninja Halloween Costumes.
  • Date night at the movies (and that doesn’t even count dinner before the movie!).

The list could go on and on.

What are you willing to spend $25 on.  If you did not have access to it would you be willing to spend $25 to get access to clean water for the rest of your life?  Is a lifetime of clean water for a fellow human in need worth $25?  If it is, then click here and change a life right this very minute!  There is nothing more fulfilling than making a difference in someone’s life!

10 Days 10 Lives Clean Water Challenge: Day 7.

It’s Day 7 of our clean water challenge with Water.org and The Mission List and we are just $135 away from our goal of providing 100 people with clean water for life!!!


Can you believe it?  This is the final stretch, folks!  Not only will be meet our goal, but we will surpass it!  I am so excited to be a part of this.  Join me in a celebration dance with the good people of Haiti.  It may be a few days premature, but we can rejoice in the good work that is being done there because of organization like Water.org.  Will you help us surpass our goal?  Donate here.

When was the last time you danced and sang because you had clean water?

Please share this on facebook and tweet it too!  We need your help!  Thank you so much.