The Woven Photo App… It’s Free!

There’s a new photography app in town, and it’s free!

Woven is a new photo consolidator app that is available for smart phones, tablets, and readers, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, NOOK, and Android-powered phones and tablets.

Did you know…

-32% of moms say their treasured photos would be the first material possession they’d grab in the event of a house fire, ranking above all electronics.

-More than half of the respondents (53%) reported collecting thousands of photos, but only a third described their photos as “extremely” or “well” organized.

-33% percent of moms admitted the reason they were unorganized with their photos was due to the fact that they simply don’t have enough time.

Does that sound like you?  Woven is the first photo app that I know of that allows you to gather all of your images in one place!  When you set up your free account, you are given the choice of which photo sharing sights to draw from…



Woven pulls your photos from the sources that you choose and files them in folders within the app.

When you go into a folder you will find thumbnails of all of the photos in that folder.  This is a screen shot of some of my Instagram thumbnails.


You can then look at individual photos.  Each photo is labeled with the source and the date that the image was uploaded.  You can view the images as thumbnails or swipe to go to the past or previous photos.

The Woven app is super convenient in that you have all of your images in one place and can access them easily for viewing.  The drawback is that this is all it does at this point… but not for long.  The innovators of Woven are working feverishly to bring new features to the app.  I was recently a part of a focus group where we discussed features that we would like to see in the app, such as editing tools, the ability to share photos from within the app, and “off site” (is that what you call it?) storage.  These are just a few of the features that are being discussed.  For a free app, it’s totally worth downloading, and I believe it will become more useful over time.