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For telemarketing sales professionals having a telemarketing merchant account makes processing payments a lot easier. And when it comes to setting up and using a merchant account, no company offers a more effective, easy to use, streamlined system than The Southern Institute. Telemarketing can be a high risk industry, so it's important to have access to merchant accounts that are safe and secure. That's why many telemarketing professionals turn to The Southern Institute. The company makes processing telemarketing payments fast, easy, safe and secure. They are an industry leader when it comes to telemarketing merchant accounts.

Just One Call

With just one call, telemarketing professionals can set up a merchant account. In a matter of minutes the experienced financial services professionals at The Southern Institute can gather all the information they need to begin setting up a merchant account. Even though the process of setting up the merchant account is fast, they still take the time to address any concerns or questions telemarketing companies may have. This gives the telemarketers the information they need to begin using the merchant accounts almost immediately. This can make a dramatic difference in this fast moving industry.

Filing An Online Application

In addition to applying for a merchant account over the phone, it is also possible to complete the merchant account sign up application online. All the telemarketing company has to do is log on to There they will find easy to follow directions that will lead them to the application. Filling it out only takes a few minutes. If the telemarketing company is having any problems with the online application, there is always customer service support available from The Southern Institute to provide them with the guidance they need to complete the application and the merchant account sign up process.

Merchant Account Specialists

The well-trained, experienced, financial services professionals at The Southern Institutes are merchant account specialists. They have years of experience setting up merchant accounts for businesses in a wide array of industries. They have the knowledge and expertise to help applicants overcome any types of obstacles to opening a merchant account. Even if the telemarketing company has had their payment processing account turned down by other companies, the staff at The Southern Institute can make it possible for them to get the merchant account they need to process their orders.

On-Going Support

Once the telemarketing company gets a merchant account, the team at The Southern Institute continues to provide guidance and support to help them to use it efficiently and effectively. Telemarketing sales merchant account holders can contact the company any time they need help to process a payment. They can provide a variety of innovative solutions that can help telemarketing companies to get more from their merchant accounts. At The Southern Institute, they are proud of their ability to help companies from the telemarketing industry to be able to use their merchant accounts effectively.

Specially Tailored Merchant Accounts

As a high risk industry, telemarketing companies sometimes require specially tailored merchant accounts to facilitate the processing of certain credit and debit cards quickly, safely and properly. Effective and efficient payment processing is essential in the telemarketing industry. In any call room it is critical to be able to instantly process credit and debit cards. The Southern Institute can accommodate telemarketing companies by tailoring their merchant accounts to meet their needs and facilitate faster processing while maintaining compliance with federal regulations.

A Distinguished Industry Leader

The Southern Institute is a distinguished industry leader when it comes to designing telemarketing merchant accounts. They are able to offer telemarketing professionals the type of merchant accounts they need for processing the high risk credit cards they sometimes encounter. Plus, they can help telemarketers comply with the sometimes burdensome regulatory challenges they face. The Southern Institute can get telemarketing companies approved for merchant accounts quickly and painlessly. The knowledgeable, experienced team at The Southern Institute understands the operational needs of telemarketing companies and the importance of having the right merchant account and they consistently provide them.

A Variety Of Telemarketing Accounts

No matter what type of merchant account companies in the telemarketing industry need, they can get it through The Southern Institute. They have approved merchant accounts for both in-bound and out-bound telemarketing centers. Plus, they have provided countless different call center merchant accounts for telemarketing companies. No matter what type of merchant account a telemarketing center needs, The Southern Institute can provide it. The expertise of their staff enables them to make the process fast and easy no matter how complex the issues the telemarketing company faces and are forced to overcome.

An Essential Prerequisite

An effective merchant account for telemarketing is an essential prerequisite for quickly and efficiently processing the payments the companies receive for the goods and services they sell. Without the ability to process the credit and debit cards their customers use, getting payments in a timely manner can be near impossible. Success in the telemarketing industry requires easy access to a variety of types of merchant accounts and The Southern Institute has proven they are a company telemarketers can count on to provide the quality merchant account they need.

Pre-Arranged Recurring Payments

Often telemarketing companies offer their customers the option of scheduling their payments at particular times during the month that are most convenient. In the telemarketing environment, these type of payments are essential for success. To receive these pre-arranged payments, telemarketing companies need reliable merchant accounts with the ability to process those types of credit card and debit card payments. The Southern Institute is able to provide them with merchant accounts designed to accept those pre-scheduled payments through an automated recurring billing module specifically created to accommodate telemarketing companies.

A Growing Need

A wide range of companies now use telemarketing services. Both large corporations and smaller mom and pop operations find that telemarketing companies are very effective in selling a large amount of products and services. However, in order for the telemarketing companies to complete the sales and receive payments, the right type of merchant accounts are needed. As a growing number of companies outsource some of their sales activities to telemarketing companies, merchant accounts have become a more urgent need. Fortunately, the financial services professionals at The Southern Institute can provide those unique merchant accounts.

Improving Business Efficiency

As new business trends continue to emerge, telemarketing has helped to make businesses more efficient in serving their customers. The explosive growth of telemarketing companies has made the need for merchant account more pressing than ever before. Inevitably, more and more of those telemarketing companies need merchant accounts for their call centers. The Southern Institute is only too happy to provide them with the merchant accounts they need to reconcile they customer payment needs and challenges. They have the technology necessary to make setting up these unique merchant accounts a breeze.

The Right Merchant Account

For telemarketing companies, the right merchant account can improve their efficiency as well as their ability to provide quality customer service. Consumers often require their payments to be processed on a particular day and in special ways. To do this, telemarketing companies require easy access to specially designed merchant accounts. This is particularly important for cross-selling and closing large, important telephone sales. The Southern Institute is able to do this efficiently because of their ability to open accounts over the phone and online. For telemarketing companies with growing numbers of customers, The Southern Institute and the merchant accounts they offer can make a world of difference.

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